Neuro-Cardiovascular Regulation

Edited by Edited by Mark W. Chapleau and Francois M. Abboud (University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City)
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Neuro-Cardiovascular Regulation

Published: June 2001

Volume 940

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This volume examines the broad area of cardiopulmonary and baroreceptor reflex physiology. These reflexes are of major importance in the control of arterial blood pressure and cardiovascular function in normal and pathological states. The papers cover scientific questions ranging from studies of cellular and molecular mechanisms of sensory transduction, to studies of central nervous system integration, to studies of baroreflex control in humans. Multidisciplinary approaches are emphasized, ranging from molecular studies to systems physiology. New technical advances are examined, including the development of transgenic animal and gene transfer approaches and the use of viruses to trace autonomic neural pathways, in order to provide an in-depth understanding of the physiology of the baroreceptor and the cardiopulmonary reflexes and to assess their impact on the systems of the body.

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