Neuroprotective Agents (1)

Edited by Edited by Russell J. Andrews (NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California), William Slikker, Jr. (National Center for Toxicological Research/FDA, Jefferson, Arkansas), Bruce Trembly (Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Togus, Maine), and Tucker A. Patterson (National Center for Toxicological Research/FDA, Jefferson, Arkansas)
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Neuroprotective Agents (1)

Published: June 2010

Volume 1199

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The ninth in this series of Annals volumes brings together clinical and basic science researchers from several disciplines in a common forum to address various approaches to neuroprotection. Topics covered include the following: optical sensing and neuroprotection; mechanisms of CNS disorders; spinal cord injury; neuromodulation; anesthesia and the immature brain; the blood–brain barrier; cerebrospinal fluid; stress in aging and trauma; heat stress; neurotoxicity; neuroprotective agents; and neuroimaging and neuromonitoring.