Neuroprotective Agents (2)

Edited by Edited by William Slikker, Jr. (National Center for Toxicological Research/FDA, Jefferson, Arkansas) and Bruce Trembly (VA Medical Center, Togus, Maine)
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Neuroprotective Agents (2)

Published: June 2001

Volume 939

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An international group of scientists in both clinical and basic research examine the effects of and therapy for spinal cord injury; inflammatory responses in intracerebral hemorrhage; neurotoxicity and genetic damage from amphetamine abuse; effects of marijuana abuse; cerebrovascular deficits; effects of and therapy for ischemic stroke; distribution of microglia in aging brain and after transgenic manipulation; preconditioning gene induction for neuroprotection against oxidative stress; interaction of genes and environment in the expression and treatment of autism in an animal model; pathology and pharmacology of spreading depression. The volume also examines proposed designs and strategies for neuroprotection trials.

This volume is out of print.