New Medications for Drug Abuse

Edited by Edited by Stanley D. Glick and Isabelle M. Maisonneuve (Albany Medical College, Albany, NY)
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New Medications for Drug Abuse

Published: June 2000

Volume 909

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Research on the problems associated with drug abuse is multifaceted, demanding determination of the mechanisms of action of a substance, the short- and long-term physiological effects, and the withdrawal symptoms - all with an eye toward developing useful pharmacotherapeutic agents to treat this seemingly refractory sociomedical problem. This volume focuses on development of new pharmacotherapies for drug abuse, including new approaches to the treatment of pain; bridging the gap between addicts and animal models in developing new treatments for stimulant and opioid addiction; preclinical assessment of new pharmacotherapies for cocaine dependence; and neurobiological mechanisms of drug dependence. It also considers large-scale issues such as developing new treatments for alcoholism and smoking, the consequences of prenatal cocaine exposure, and the past and future of methadone and related treatments.

This volume is out of print.