Nonlinear Dynamics in Astronomy and Physics

Edited by Edited by Stephen T. Gottesman, J.R. Buchler, and M.E. Mahon (University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida)
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Nonlinear Dynamics in Astronomy and Physics

Published: June 2005

Volume 1045

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This volume, the proceedings of the 16th Florida Workshop in Nonlinear Astronomy and Physics, emphasizes the cross-disciplinary nature of much current research in astronomy and physics in the area of dynamics. Developments in one field can advance more quickly when information is available regarding parallel developments in other fields. This occurs not only by the exchange of methods and techniques, but also from conceptual refinements resulting from different perspectives on similar problems. Contributors to this volume include theorists and experimentalists from the fields of nonlinear dynamics, mathematics, galactic dynamics and structure, dark matter, plasma physics, accelerator beams, and statistical mechanics. The meeting and the volume are dedicated to the memory of Professor Henry E. Kandrup, whose work was centered on stochastic problems in stellar dynamics.