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Special Issue: Annals Reports

Edited by

Ann NY Acad Sci editorial staff

Special Issue: Annals Reports

Published: February 2020

Volume 1462

Published since 1824, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences is the Academy’s premier scientific publication.

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Leveraging insights into cancer metabolism—a symposium report

Jennifer Cable, Lydia Finley, Benjamin P. Tu, Gary J. Patti, Trudy G. Oliver, Santosha Vardhana, Miyeko Mana, Russell Ericksen, Sanika Khare, Ralph DeBerardinis, Brent R. Stockwell, Aimee Edinger, Marcia Haigis, William Kaelin


Vaccine innovations for emerging infectious diseases—a symposium report

Jennifer Cable, Padmini Srikantiah, James E. Crowe Jr., Bali Pulendran, Adrian Hill, Ann Ginsberg, Wayne Koff, Anuja Mathew, Tony Ng, Kathrin Jansen, Gregory Glenn, Sallie Permar, Ian Wilson, David B. Weiner, Drew Weissman, Rino Rappuoli


Adult stem cells and regenerative medicine—a symposium report

Jennifer Cable, Elaine Fuchs, Irving Weissman, Heinrich Jasper, David Glass, Thomas A. Rando, Helen Blau, Shawon Debnath, Anthony Oliva, Sangbum Park, Emmanuelle Passegué, Carla Kim, Mark A. Krasnow



Novel insights into the complex architecture of osteoporosis molecular genetics

Fawzy Ali Saad


Opioid‐sparing effects of 10 kHz spinal cord stimulation: a review of clinical evidence

Adnan Al‐Kaisy, Jean‐Pierre Van Buyten, Kasra Amirdelfan, Bradford Gliner, David Caraway, Jeyakumar Subbaroyan, Anand Rotte, Leonardo Kapural



Fucoidan affects oral squamous cell carcinoma cell functions in vitro by regulating FLNA‐derived circular RNA

Nanyang Zhang, Ling Gao, Wenhao Ren, Shaoming Li, Demeng Zhang, Xianqin Song, Chenyang Zhao, Keqian Zhi


Interactions between psychiatric and physical disorders and their effects on the risks of suicide: a nested case–control study

Ching‐Feng Chang, Ming‐kung Yeh, Wu‐Chien Chien, Chi‐Hsiang Chung, Tzu‐Ting Li, Edward Chia‐Cheng Lai


Genomic analysis of a multidrug‐resistant clinical Providencia rettgeri (PR002) strain with the novel integron ln1483 and an A/C plasmid replicon

Nontombi Marylucy Mbelle, John Osei Sekyere, Daniel Gyamfi Amoako, Nontuthuko Excellent Maningi, Lesedi Modipane, Sabiha Yusuf Essack, Charles Feldman


Gamma‐glutamyl–carboxylated Gas6 mediates positive role of vitamin K on lowering hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes

Anjum Dihingia, Dibyajyoti Ozah, Thaneswar Borah, Jatin Kalita, Prasenjit Manna


Dwarfism in Troyer syndrome: a family with SPG20 compound heterozygous mutations and a literature review

Hanting Liang, Hui Miao, Hongbo Yang, Fengying Gong, Shi Chen, Linjie Wang, Huijuan Zhu, Hui Pan


Preliminary exploration of the potential of spliceosome‐associated protein 130 for predicting disease severity in Crohn's disease

Wenbin Gong, Kun Guo, Tao Zheng, Miao Fang, Haohao Xie, Weijie Li, Zhiwu Hong, Huajian Ren, Guosheng Gu, Gefei Wang, Zhiming Wang, Xiuwen Wu, Jianan Ren