Special Issue: Beyond the IQ Test

Edited by

Frank C. Worrell (University of California, Berkeley), Ronald A. Beghetto (University of Connecticut), and Joseph Renzulli (University of Connecticut)

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Special Issue: Beyond the IQ Test

Published: August 2016

Volume 1377

Published since 1824, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences is the Academy’s premier scientific publication.

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The papers in this issue discuss a range of topics, including historiometric studies of superlative talent; a bioecological approach to talent development; an educational neuroscience perspective on cultivating the social–emotional imagination in gifted education; the U-STARS∼PLUS approach to recognizing high potential in young children; increasing accuracy and diversity in gifted identification; a contextual perspective on talented female participants and their development in extracurricular STEM programs; and the contribution of psychosocial factors to academic performance.