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Special Issue: The Neurosciences and Music VI

Edited by

Ann NY Acad Sci editorial staff

Special Issue: The Neurosciences and Music VI

Published: July 2018

Volume 1423

Published since 1824, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences is the Academy’s premier scientific publication.

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Music, sound, and health: a meeting of the minds in neurosciences and music

Psyche Loui, Aniruddh Patel, Lisa M. Wong, Nadine Gaab, Suzanne B. Hanser, Gottfried Schlaug



Relationships between music training, speech processing, and word learning: a network perspective

Stefan Elmer, Lutz Jäncke

Now you hear it: a predictive coding model for understanding rhythmic incongruity

Peter Vuust, Martin J. Dietz, Maria Witek, Morten L. Kringelbach

Is auditory perceptual timing a core deficit of developmental coordination disorder?

Laurel J. Trainor, Andrew Chang, John Cairney, Yao‐Chuen Li

Evaluating predisposition and training in shaping the musician's brain: the need for a developmental perspective

Jennifer Zuk, Nadine Gaab

On the biological basis of musicality

Henkjan Honing

Music‐supported therapy for stroke motor recovery: theoretical and practical considerations

Joyce L. Chen



Rhythm and melody as social signals for infants

Laura K. Cirelli, Sandra E. Trehub, Laurel J. Trainor



Music training and child development: a review of recent findings from a longitudinal study

Assal Habibi, Antonio Damasio, Beatriz Ilari, Matthew Elliott Sachs, Hanna Damasio

Genomics studies on musical aptitude, music perception, and practice

Irma Järvelä

Can very early music interventions promote at‐risk infants’ development?

Paula Virtala, Eino Partanen

Causal inference and temporal predictions in audiovisual perception of speech and music

Uta Noppeney, Hwee Ling Lee

Neural correlates of enhanced executive functions: is less more?

Vesa Putkinen, Katri Saarikivi

Driving working memory with frequency‐tuned noninvasive brain stimulation

Philippe Albouy, Sylvain Baillet, Robert J. Zatorre

Rapid and flexible creativity in musical improvisation: review and a model

Psyche Loui

Planning music‐based amelioration and training in infancy and childhood based on neural evidence

Minna Huotilainen, Mari Tervaniemi

Musical and verbal short‐term memory: insights from neurodevelopmental and neurological disorders

Anne Caclin, Barbara Tillmann

Musical rhythm and reading development: does beat processing matter?

Ola Ozernov‐Palchik, Aniruddh D. Patel



Evolving building blocks of rhythm: how human cognition creates music via cultural transmission

Andrea Ravignani, Bill Thompson, Thomas Grossi, Tania Delgado, Simon Kirby



Correlation of vocals and lyrics with left temporal musicogenic epilepsy

Wei‐En J. Tseng, Siew‐Na Lim, Lu‐An Chen, Shuo‐Bin Jou, Hsiang‐Yao Hsieh, Mei‐Yun Cheng, Chun‐Wei Chang, Han‐Tao Li, Hsing‐I Chiang, Tony Wu

Hyperbrain network properties of guitarists playing in quartet

Viktor Müller, Johanna Sänger, Ulman Lindenberger

Probing sensorimotor integration during musical performance

Shinichi Furuya, Yuta Furukawa, Kazumasa Uehara, Takanori Oku

The case for treatment fidelity in active music interventions: why and how

Natalie Wiens, Reyna L. Gordon

From intuition to intervention: developing an intonation‐based treatment for autism

Karen V. Chenausky, Gottfried Schlaug

The effects of drumming on working memory in older adults

Franziska Degé, Katharina Kerkovius

Amplitude envelope correlations measure synchronous cortical oscillations in performing musicians

Anna Zamm, Stefan Debener, Anna‐Katharina R. Bauer, Martin G. Bleichner, Alexander P. Demos, Caroline Palmer

The effects of music‐supported therapy on motor, cognitive, and psychosocial functions in chronic stroke

Takako Fujioka, Deirdre R. Dawson, Rebecca Wright, Kie Honjo, Joyce L. Chen, J. Jean Chen, Sandra E. Black, Donald T. Stuss, Bernhard Ross

Social motor coordination during adult–child interactions

Rita Pfeiffer, Mark Wallace, Miriam Lense

Toward a multifactorial model of expertise: beyond born versus made

David Z. Hambrick, Alexander P. Burgoyne, Brooke N. Macnamara, Fredrik Ullén

Sung melody enhances verbal learning and recall after stroke

Vera Leo, Aleksi J. Sihvonen, Tanja Linnavalli, Mari Tervaniemi, Matti Laine, Seppo Soinila, Teppo Särkämö

Individualization of music‐based rhythmic auditory cueing in Parkinson's disease

Simone Dalla Bella, Dobromir Dotov, Benoît Bardy, Valérie Cochen de Cock

Music‐supported therapy in the rehabilitation of subacute stroke patients: a randomized controlled trial

Jennifer Grau‐Sánchez, Esther Duarte, Neus Ramos‐Escobar, Joanna Sierpowska, Nohora Rueda, Susana Redón, Misericordia Veciana de las Heras, Jordi Pedro, Teppo Särkämö, Antoni Rodríguez‐Fornells

Cross‐classification of musical and vocal emotions in the auditory cortex

Sébastien Paquette, Sylvain Takerkart, Shinji Saget, Isabelle Peretz, Pascal Belin

Clapping in time parallels literacy and calls upon overlapping neural mechanisms in early readers

Silvia Bonacina, Jennifer Krizman, Travis White‐Schwoch, Nina Kraus

Participants’ experiences of music, mindful music, and audiobook listening interventions for people recovering from stroke

Satu Baylan, Meigan McGinlay, Maxine MacDonald, Jake Easto, Breda Cullen, Caroline Haig, Stewart W. Mercer, Heather Murray, Terence J. Quinn, David Stott, Niall M. Broomfield, Ciara Stiles, Jonathan J. Evans

Protocol for a randomized controlled trial of piano training on cognitive and psychosocial outcomes

Jennifer Bugos

From known to unknown: moving to unvisited locations in a novel sensorimotor map

Floris T. van Vugt, David J. Ostry

Statistical learning and probabilistic prediction in music cognition: mechanisms of stylistic enculturation

Marcus T. Pearce

Predictive rhythmic tapping to isochronous and tempo changing metronomes in the nonhuman primate

Jorge Gámez, Karyna Yc, Yaneri A. Ayala, Dobromir Dotov, Luis Prado, Hugo Merchant

Dancing to “groovy” music enhances the experience of flow

Nicolò F. Bernardi, Antoine Bellemare‐Pepin, Isabelle Peretz

Genetic influences on musical specialization: a twin study on choice of instrument and music genre

Miriam A. Mosing, Fredrik Ullén

Different neural activities support auditory working memory in musicians and bilinguals

Claude Alain, Yasha Khatamian, Yu He, Yunjo Lee, Sylvain Moreno, Ada W. S. Leung, Ellen Bialystok