The Molecular Basis of Dementia

Edited by Edited by John Growdon (Harvard Medical School), Richard J. Wurtman and Suzanne Corkin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Roger M. Nitsch (University of Hamburg, Germany)
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The Molecular Basis of Dementia

Published: December 2000

Volume 920

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This book aims to shed light on the potential causes and pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, Lewy body diseases, and frontotemporal dementias. The focus on these clinical diseases is complemented by research reports on transgenic mouse models of alpha-synuclein, tau, and amyloid accumulation in the brain. The underlying premise of the research reported in this book is that improved understanding of these protein molecules will open novel avenues of treatment and perhaps even prevention of these neurodegenerative diseases. Contributors include academic scientists, scientists in industry, and clinical investigators, all committed to transferring the insights gained in basic research to the physician caring for persons with dementia.