The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience (2)

Edited by Edited by Alan Kingstone (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia) and Michael B. Miller (University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California)
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The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience (2)

Published: March 2012

Volume 1251

Touching on cognition, emotion, and perception, these expert reviews encapsulate the the latest developments in cognitive neurosicence.
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The 2012 installment of The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience series features in-depth reviews of the major issues and emerging topics in cognitive neuroscience, including the role of strategies in motor learning; efficient coding and the neural representation of value; the emotion paradox in the aging brain; perceptual foundations of bilingual acquisition in infancy; understanding disgust; color through the lens of art practice, history, philosophy and neuroscience; functional imaging studies of emotion regulation; and neuropeptides and social recognition.