The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience 2009

Edited by Edited by Michael B. Miller (University of California, Santa Barbara, California) and Alan Kingstone (University of British Columbia, Canada)
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The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience 2009

Published: March 2009

Volume 1156

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Editorial Advisory Board

Ralph Adolphs, Michael C. Corballis, Michael Gazzaniga, Mel Goodale, Scott T. Grafton, Glyn Humphreys, Elisabetta L&agravedavas, Adrian M. Owen, Elizabeth Phelps, Daniel Schacter

  • Michael B. Miller and Alan Kingstone, Preface
  • Dorothy V.M. Bishop, Genes, Cognition, and Communication: Insights from Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Michael C. Corballis, The Evolution of Language
  • Leah Krubitzer, In Search of a Unifying Theory of Complex Brain Evolution
  • Simon Baron-Cohen, Autism: The Empathizing-Systemizing (E-S) Theory
  • Tania Singer and Claus Lamm, The Social Neuroscience of Empathy
  • Scott T. Grafton, Embodied Cognition and the Simulation of Action to Understand Others
  • Elina Birmingham and Alan Kingstone, Human Social Attention: A New Look at Past, Present, and Future Investigations
  • Jason B. Mattingley, Attention, Automaticity, and Awareness in Synesthesia
  • Matthew P. Walker, The Role of Sleep in Cognition and Emotion
  • Jon-Kar Zubieta and Christian S. Stohler, Neurobiological Mechanisms of Placebo Responses
  • Daniel J. Levitin and Anna K. Tirovolas, Current Advances in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Music
  • Stanislas Dehaene, Origins of Mathematical Intuitions: The Case of Arithmetic
  • Peter A. Bandettini, What’s New in Neuroimaging Methods?