The Year in Diabetes and Obesity (2)

Edited by Edited by Rexford S. Ahima (University of Pennsylvania) and Alvin C. Powers (Vanderbilt University)
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The Year in Diabetes and Obesity (2)

Published: December 2011

Volume 1243

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This second installment of The Year in Diabetes and Obesity review series includes thought-provoking reviews on central nervous system control of glucose and energy metabolism; stearoyl CoA desaturase in obesity and metabolism; circadian disruption and metabolic dysfunction; incretin hormones; metabolic syndrome, adipokines, and dementia; interventions for the prevention or reversal of type 1 diabetes; the role of intestinal microbiome in humans and mice with type 1 diabetes; building smarter and better insulins; RAGE––a multi-ligand receptor in chronic diseases; diabetes, cancer risk, and metformin––connections of metabolism and cell proliferation; prevalence of diabetes in Asia; and prioritization of care in adults with diabetes and co-existing chronic conditions.