The Year in Immunology 2008

Edited by Edited by Noel R. Rose (The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland)
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The Year in Immunology 2008

Published: November 2008

Volume 1143

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  • Taro Kawai and Shizuo Akira, TLR and TLR Signaling
  • Maria Fischer and Marc Ehlers, TLR in Autoimmunity
  • Juergen Ruland, CARD9 Signaling in the Innate Immune Response
  • S. Vicky Tsoni and Gordon D. Brown, Beta Glucans & Dectin-1
  • Stephen von Gunten and Bruce S. Bochner, Basic and Clinical Immunology of Siglecs
  • Kavitha N. Rao and Melissa A. Brown, Mast Cells: Multifaceted Immune Cells with Diverse Roles in Health and Disease
  • Lars-Oliver Tykocinski, Anna Sinemus, and Bruno Kyewski, The Thymus Medulla Slowly Yields Its Secrets
  • Andreas Leibbrandt and Josef M. Penninger, RANK/RANKL: Regulators of Immune Response and Bone Physiology
  • Jane H. Buckner and Steven F. Ziegler, Functional Analysis of FOXP3
  • Karina Pino-Lagos, Micah J. Benson, and Randolph J. Noelle, Retinoic Acid in the Immune System
  • Gustavo J. Martinez, Roza I. Nurieva, Xuexian O. Yang, and Chen Dong, Regulation and Function of Proinflammatory TH17 Cells
  • Nicholas D. Bushard and Donna L. Farber, Recalling the Year in Memory T Cells
  • Kaleb M. Pauley and Edward K. L. Chan, MicroRNAs and Their Emerging Roles in Immunology
  • Jaya Vas and Marc Monestier, Immunology of Mercury
  • Walter J. van Venrooij, Joyce J. B. C. van Beers, and Ger J. M. Pruijn, Anti-CCP Antibody: A Marker for the Early Detection of Rheumatoid Arthritis