The Young Woman at the Rise of the 21st Century

Edited by Edited by George Creatsas (University of Athens Medical School, Greece), George Mastorakos (Athens University, Greece), and George P. Chrousos (National Institute of Child Health and Development, NIH)
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The Young Woman at the Rise of the 21st Century

Published: April 2000

Volume 900

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This volume explores recent advances in basic research on the gynecology of young women and concomitant clinical applications. Topics include new findings on many of the field's concerns: neuroendocrinology of the menstrual cycle; the endocrinology of implantation; prenatal diagnosis; the endocrinology of gestation and parturition; molecular biology and genetics relative to the estrogen receptor, ovarian dysfunction, and gynecologic cancer; obesity and the polycystic ovarian syndrome; anemia and pregnancy; oral contraceptives and their effects on arteries and veins; the estrogen-deficiency syndrome; osteoporosis in young women; endoscopic surgery; and sexually transmitted diseases.

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