Thymosins in Health and Disease II

Edited by Edited by Allan L. Goldstein (The George Washington University School of Medicine) and Enrico Garaci (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”)
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Thymosins in Health and Disease II

Published: October 2012

Volume 1270

The collection of papers in this Annals volume investigates the potential clinical applications of thymosins
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The second of two volumes, Thymosins in Health and Disease II, continues the exploration of the rapidly expanding area of research in thymosins—a family of proteins, with a broad set of biological properties and great clinical potential. In this volume, papers detail the important therapeutic implications of two thymosins: Thymosin α1 (Tα1) in relation to immunity, infectious diseases, and cancer, and the clinical and preclinical applications of Thymosin (Tβ4) in cardiovascular regeneration and wound healing. In addition, this volume covers some of the most current topics in thymosin research, including nuclear magnetic resonance imaging structural studies of thymosins, thymosin labeling, antibodies in thymosin research, and new methods for thymosin delivery.