Trends and Directions in Climate Research

Edited by Edited by Luis Gimeno (University of Vigo at Ourense, Ourense, Spain), Ricardo García-Herrera (Complutense University, Madrid, Spain) and Ricardo Machado Trigo (Lisbon University, Lisbon, Portugal)
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Trends and Directions in Climate Research

Published: December 2008

Volume 1146

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The relevance of climate research has increased considerably as the awareness of the scientific community about the processes and impact of climate change has grown. The main objective of climate research is to improve our understanding of the nature of the various components of the climate system and to identify the forces responsible for climate variability. This volume then discusses the El Niño-southern oscillation, the quasi-biennial oscillation, the North Atlantic oscillation, and the thermoaline circulation. Additional topics covered include analyses of smaller atmospheric patterns or \"weather types\" such as cyclones and anticyclones and discussions of the impact of climate changes in different regions of the world, the interaction of cities with the atmosphere, and the impact of climate change on European agriculture.