Violence and Exploitation against Women and Girls

Edited by Edited by Florence L. Denmark and Herbert H. Krauss (Pace University, New York, New York) and Esther Halpern (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
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Violence and Exploitation against Women and Girls

Published: November 2006

Volume 1087

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Contributors place violence against women and girls within a variety of cultural and religious perspectives and also present theories of violence, the role of stereotyping, and the effect of violence in the larger community. The recent emergence of cyber violence, particularly against adolescents, is addressed, and several violence prevention programs are described. The final section of the book expands the cultural perspective through chapters on domestic violence in Latin America, South Asia, Israel, and among ethnic enclaves within the United States. A report on female genital mutilation is included. The role of the United Nations and non-governmental organizations in preventing violence against women globally concludes the volume.