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Volume 1514

Edited by

Ann NY Acad Sci editorial staff

Volume 1514

Published: August 2022

Volume 1514

2021 Impact factor: 6.499
5 year Impact factor: 6.575
2021 Journal Citation Reports: 14/73 (Multidisciplinary Sciences)
Online ISSN: 1749-6632
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Chaffin's “World enough and time—Brazil, slavery, and Charles Darwin's untaken road to the United States”

Douglas Braaten



World enough and time—Brazil, slavery, and Charles Darwin's untaken road to the United States

Tom Chaffin



Brain somatic mutations as RNA therapeutic targets in neurological disorders

Sungyul Lee, Jeong Ho Lee


Tight junction proteins occludin and ZO-1 as regulators of epithelial proliferation and survival

Wei-Ting Kuo, Matthew A. Odenwald, Jerrold R. Turner, Li Zuo



Comparison of a universal (but complex) model for avian egg shape with a simpler model

Peijian Shi, Johan Gielis, Karl J. Niklas



From island biogeography to landscape and metacommunity ecology: A macroecological perspective of bat communities

Steven J. Presley, Michael R. Willig


Modifying the blood–brain barrier by targeting claudin-5: Safety and risks

Erika Wakayama, Taiki Kuzu, Keisuke Tachibana, Ryuichi Hirayama, Yoshiaki Okada, Masuo Kondoh


Predictive models for human–AI nexus in group decision making

Omid Askarisichani, Francesco Bullo, Noah E. Friedkin, Ambuj K. Singh



Benefits of choir singing on complex auditory encoding in the aging brain: An ERP study

Emmi Pentikäinen, Lilli Kimppa, Tommi Makkonen, Mikko Putkonen, Anni Pitkäniemi, Ilja Salakka, Petri Paavilainen, Mari Tervaniemi, Teppo Särkämö



Cross-talk of four types of RNA modification writers defines the immune microenvironment in severe asthma

Qibin Lin, Haiyang Ni, Zhishui Zheng, Jieying Zhong, Hanxiang Nie


Social communication therapy for children at risk for neurodevelopmental difficulties: Protocol for a clinical trial

Priscilla B. G. Godoy, Elizabeth Shephard, Adriana Argeu, Leticia R. Silveira, Erica Salomone, Catherine Aldred, Jonathan Green, Guilherme V. Polanczyk, Alicia Matijasevich


Negative pressure promotes macrophage M1 polarization after Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection via the lncRNA XIST/microRNA–125b–5p/A20/NF–κB axis

Xiao-Bo Luo, Li-Tao Li, Jian-Cheng Xi, Hong-Tao Liu, Zhen Liu, Long Yu, Pei-Fu Tang


The dual GLP-1 and GLP-2 receptor agonist dapiglutide promotes barrier function in murine short bowel

Johannes Reiner, Johanna Thiery, Jascha Held, Peggy Berlin, Jolanta Skarbaliene, Brigitte Vollmar, Robert Jaster, Per-Olof Eriksson, Georg Lamprecht, Maria Witte


The forgotten role of absorption in music reward

Gemma Cardona, Laura Ferreri, Urbano Lorenzo-Seva, Frank A. Russo, Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells


Gaze patterns reveal aesthetic distance while viewing art

Manuela M. Marin, Helmut Leder


Excessive iodine in iodized household salt in Nepal

Basant Giri, Shishir Pandey, Sadiksha Shakya, Bhanu Bhakta Neupane, Krishna Prasad Kandel, Chandradip Kumar Yadav, Ram Prabodh Yadav, Bishnu Prasad Neupane, Rajendra Bahadur GC, Prem Singh Saud, Meghraj Yonjan


Longitudinal and situational associations between math anxiety and performance among early adolescents

Riikka Sorvo, Noona Kiuru, Tuire Koponen, Tuija Aro, Helena Viholainen, Timo Ahonen, Mikko Aro


Self-efficacy matters: Influence of students’ perceived self-efficacy on statistics anxiety

Liane Kaufmann, Manuel Ninaus, Elisabeth M. Weiss, Walter Gruber, Guilherme Wood