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Volume 1515

Edited by

Ann NY Acad Sci editorial staff

Volume 1515

Published: September 2022

Volume 1515

2021 Impact factor: 6.499
5 year Impact factor: 6.575
2021 Journal Citation Reports: 14/73 (Multidisciplinary Sciences)
Online ISSN: 1749-6632
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Sawing the branch of near-death experience research: A critical analysis of Parnia et al.’s paper

Renaud Evrard, Erika Pratte, Thomas Rabeyron



The importance of the motor system in the development of music-based forms of auditory rehabilitation

Benjamin Rich Zendel


Cognitive efficacy and neural mechanisms of music-based neurological rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury

Noelia Martínez-Molina, Sini-Tuuli Siponkoski, Teppo Särkämö



The supercontinent cycle and Earth's long-term climate

R. Damian Nance


Exploring epigenomic mechanisms of neural tube defects using multi-omics methods and data

Wanqi Huang, Zhengwei Yuan, Hui Gu


Unique and redundant functions of cytoplasmic actins and nonmuscle myosin II isoforms at epithelial junctions

Andrei I. Ivanov, Susana Lechuga, Armando Marino-Melendez, Nayden G. Naydenov


Staphylococcus aureus adhesion to the host

Kirsten A. Berry, Mackenzie T. A. Verhoef, Allison C. Leonard, Georgina Cox


Spef1/CLAMP binds microtubules and actin-based structures and regulates cell migration and epithelia cell polarity

Rocio Tapia, Gail A. Hecht


Electrical stimulation through conductive scaffolds for cardiomyocyte tissue engineering: Systematic review and narrative synthesis

Louie Scott, Katrín Elídóttir, Kamalan Jeevaratnam, Izabela Jurewicz, Rebecca Lewis



Singing accuracy across the lifespan

Peter Q. Pfordresher



Tight junction channels claudin-10b and claudin-15: Functional mapping of pore-lining residues

Caroline Hempel, Rita Rosenthal, Anja Fromm, Susanne M. Krug, Michael Fromm, Dorothee Günzel, Jörg Piontek


Appraisals of previous math experiences play an important role in math anxiety

Thomas E. Hunt, Erin A. Maloney


Human duodenal organoid-derived monolayers serve as a suitable barrier model for duodenal tissue

Franziska Weiß, David Holthaus, Martin Kraft, Christian Klotz, Martina Schneemann, Jörg D. Schulzke, Susanne M. Krug


Role of hair follicles in the pathogenesis of arsenical-induced cutaneous damage

Ritesh K. Srivastava, Yong Wang, Jasim Khan, Suhail Muzaffar, Madison B. Lee, Zhiping Weng, Claire Croutch, Anupam Agarwal, Jessy Deshane, Mohammad Athar


MicroRNA-21-5p functions via RECK/MMP9 as a proalgesic regulator of the blood nerve barrier in nerve injury

Ann Kristin Reinhold, Susanne M. Krug, Ellaine Salvador, Reine S. Sauer, Franziska Karl-Schöller, Marzia Malcangio, Claudia Sommer, Heike L. Rittner


PI3Kγ is a novel regulator of TNFα signaling in the human colon cell line HT29/B6

Franz-Leonard Klaus, Cornelia Kirsch, Jörg P. Müller, Otmar Huber, Juliane Reiche


Life course traumas and cardiovascular disease—the mediating role of accelerated aging

Xingqi Cao, Jingyun Zhang, Chao Ma, Xueqin Li, Chia-Ling Kuo, Morgan E. Levine, Guoqing Hu, Heather Allore, Xi Chen, Xifeng Wu, Zuyun Liu


Gesture–vocal coupling in Karnatak music performance: A neuro–bodily distributed aesthetic entanglement

Lara Pearson, Wim Pouw


Comparison of machine learning approaches for structure–function modeling in glaucoma

Damon Wong, Jacqueline Chua, Inna Bujor, Rachel S. Chong, Monisha E. Nongpiur, Eranga N. Vithana, Rahat Husain, Tin Aung, Alina Popa-Cherecheanu, Leopold Schmetterer


Transcorneal electrical stimulation enhances cognitive functions in aged and 5XFAD mouse models

Wing Shan Yu, Luca Aquili, Kah Hui Wong, Amy Cheuk Yin Lo, Leanne Lai Hang Chan, Ying-Shing Chan, Lee Wei Lim


Auditory-motor mapping training: Testing an intonation-based spoken language treatment for minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorder

Karen V. Chenausky, Andrea C. Norton, Helen Tager-Flusberg, Gottfried Schlaug


Evening blue-light exposure, maternal glucose, and infant birthweight

Bilgay Izci Balserak, Renata Hermann, Teri L. Hernandez, Catalin Buhimschi, Chung Park