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Volume 1519

Edited by

Ann NY Acad Sci editorial staff

Volume 1519

Published: January 2023

Volume 1519

2021 Impact factor: 6.499
5 year Impact factor: 6.575
2021 Journal Citation Reports: 14/73 (Multidisciplinary Sciences)
Online ISSN: 1749-6632
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Transdisciplinarity: Science for the public good

Roderick J. Lawrence



The Phanerozoic climate

Nir J. Shaviv,  Henrik Svensmark,  Ján Veizer


The impacts of sport emissions on climate: Measurement, mitigation, and making a difference

Robert L. Wilby,  Madeleine Orr,  Duncan Depledge,  Richard Giulianotti,  George Havenith,  Jamie A. Kenyon,  Tom K. R. Matthews,  Stephen A. Mears,  Donal J. Mullan,  Lee Taylor


Glial aging and its impact on central nervous system myelin regeneration

Khalil S. Rawji,  Björn Neumann,  Robin J. M. Franklin


New understanding of multidrug efflux and permeation in antibiotic resistance, persistence, and heteroresistance

Pedro D. Manrique,  Cesar A. López,  S. Gnanakaran,  Valentin V. Rybenkov,  Helen I. Zgurskaya


The role of bacterial membrane vesicles in antibiotic resistance

Craig R. MacNair,  Man-Wah Tan


Antibiotic discovery in the artificial intelligence era

Telmah Lluka,  Jonathan M. Stokes


Connecting insufficient sleep and insomnia with metabolic dysfunction

Daisy Duan,  Lenise J. Kim,  Jonathan C. Jun,  Vsevolod Y. Polotsky


Translational models of addiction phenotypes to advance addiction pharmacotherapy

Lara A. Ray,  Steven J. Nieto,  Erica N. Grodin


Punitive school discipline as a mechanism of structural marginalization with implications for health inequity: A systematic review of quantitative studies in the health and social sciences literature

Catherine dP. Duarte,  Candice Moses,  Melissa Brown,  Sandhya Kajeepeta,  Seth J. Prins,  Janelle Scott,  Mahasin S. Mujahid



Antibodies as drugs—a Keystone Symposia report

Jennifer Cable,  Erica Ollmann Saphire,  Adrian C. Hayday,  Timothy D. Wiltshire,  Jarrod J. Mousa,  David P. Humphreys,  Esther C. W. Breij,  Pierre Bruhns,  Matteo Broketa,  Genta Furuya,  Blake M. Hauser,  Matthieu Mahévas,  Andrea Carfi,  Tineke Cantaert,  Peter D. Kwong,  Prabhanshu Tripathi,  Jonathan H. Davis,  Neil Brewis,  Bruce A. Keyt,  Felix L. Fennemann,  Vincent Dussupt,  Arvind Sivasubramanian,  Philip M. Kim,  Reda Rawi,  Eve Richardson,  Daniel Leventhal,  Rachael M. Wolters,  Cecile A. W. Geuijen,  Matthew A. Sleeman,  Niccolo Pengo,  Francesca Rose Donnellan


Passive somatosensory training enhances piano skill in adolescent and adult pianists: A preliminary study

Shinichi Furuya,  Ryuya Tanibuchi,  Hayato Nishioka,  Yudai Kimoto,  Masato Hirano,  Takanori Oku



Effects of melodic intonation therapy in patients with chronic nonfluent aphasia

Sarah Marchina,  Andrea Norton,  Gottfried Schlaug


Music engagement is negatively correlated with depressive symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic via reward-related mechanisms

Ernest Mas-Herrero,  Neomi Singer,  Laura Ferreri,  Michael McPhee,  Robert J. Zatorre,  Pablo Ripollés


Impacts of micronutrient intervention programs on effective coverage and lives saved: Modeled evidence from Cameroon

Stephen A. Vosti,  Katherine P. Adams,  Aleksandr Michuda,  Karen Ortiz-Becerra,  Hanqi Luo,  Demewoz Haile,  Victoria B. Chou,  Adrienne Clermont,  Ismael Teta,  Alex Ndjebayi,  Justin Kagin,  Jules Guintang,  Reina Engle-Stone