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Volume 1524

Edited by

Ann NY Acad Sci editorial staff

Volume 1524

Published: June 2023

Volume 1524

2021 Impact factor: 6.499
5 year Impact factor: 6.575
2021 Journal Citation Reports: 14/73 (Multidisciplinary Sciences)
Online ISSN: 1749-6632
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Comprehensive framework for integrated action on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of anemia: An introduction

Shelby E. Wilson,  Lisa M. Rogers,  Maria Nieves Garcia-Casal,  The WHO Interdepartmental Anaemia Working Group: María Barreix,  Andrea Bosman,  Jane Cunningham,  Ameena Goga,  Antonio Montresor,  Özge Tunçalp


Toward understanding links between the microbiome and neurotransmitters

Jonathan B. Lynch,  Elaine Y. Hsiao


Abstraction and analogy in AI

Melanie Mitchell



Epigenetic inheritance in adaptive evolution

Gonzalo Sabarís,  Maximilian H. Fitz-James,  Giacomo Cavalli


Rethinking human cytomegalovirus latency reservoir

Michal Schwartz,  Noam Stern-Ginossar



Diagnosing anemia: Challenges selecting methods, addressing underlying causes, and implementing actions at the public health level

Maria Nieves Garcia-Casal,  Omar Dary,  Maria Elena Jefferds,  Sant-Rayn Pasricha


Food for thought: Opportunities to target carbon metabolism in antibacterial drug discovery

Madeline Tong,  Eric D. Brown



Progress in vaccine development for infectious diseases—a Keystone Symposia report

Jennifer Cable,  Barney S. Graham,  Richard A. Koup,  Robert A. Seder,  Katalin Karikó,  Norbert Pardi,  Dan H. Barouch,  Bhawna Sharma,  Susanne Rauch,  Raffael Nachbagauer,  Mattias N. E. Forsell,  Michael Schotsaert,  Ali H. Ellebedy,  Karin Loré,  Darrell J. Irvine,  Emily Pilkington,  Siri Tahtinen,  Elizabeth A. Thompson,  Yanis Feraoun,  Neil P. King,  Kevin Saunders,  Galit Alter,  Syed M. Moin,  Kwinten Sliepen,  Gunilla B. Karlsson Hedestam,  Hedda Wardemann,  Bali Pulendran,  Nicole A. Doria-Rose,  Wan-Ting He,  Jennifer A. Juno,  Sila Ataca,  Adam K. Wheatley,  Jason S. McLellan,  Laura M. Walker,  Julia Lederhofer,  Lisa C. Lindesmith,  Holger Wille,  Peter J. Hotez,  Linda-Gail Bekker



PAX9 mutations and genetic synergism in familial tooth agenesis

Kuan-Yu Chu,  Yin-Lin Wang,  Jung-Tsu Chen,  Chia-Hui Lin,  Chung-Chen Jane Yao,  Yi-Jane Chen,  Huan-Wen Chen,  James P. Simmer,  Jan C.-C. Hu,  Shih-Kai Wang


Calcium concentration of drinking water to improve calcium intake: A simulation study

Gabriela Cormick,  Iris B. Romero,  Natalia Matamoros,  Miriam Sosa,  M. Fernanda GugoleOttaviano,  Lorena Garitta,  José M. Belizán,  Luz Gibbons


What experiences constitute failures? High school students’ reflections on their struggles in STEM classes

Xiaodong Lin-Siegler,  Benjamin J. Lovett,  Yiran Du,  Kan Yamane,  Keying Wang,  Syntia Hadis


A simple way to calculate the volume and surface area of avian eggs

Peijian Shi,  Long Chen,  Brady K. Quinn,  Kexin Yu,  Qinyue Miao,  Xuchen Guo,  Meng Lian,  Johan Gielis,  Karl J. Niklas