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Arnold Timmer

Arnold Timmer works with UNICEF Headquarters in New York as the Senior Adviser for Micronutrients. In this position he provides global guidance on micronutrient and nutrition policies, partnerships and programme support to all UNICEF regions in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Central Asia. He supported major emergencies in Haiti 2010, the tsunami in 2005, and also during his time with UNHCR from 1996-1999. As regional adviser for UNICEF, he helped scale up salt iodization and the development of nutrition policies in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Before joining UNICEF, he worked with CDC, UNHCR, WHO, Terre des Hommes and MSF in various parts of the world. He is active member of several coordination and technical networks in the area of flour fortification, vitamin A, iodine deficiency, home fortification, and nutrition guidelines.