Job Search Fundamentals

Job Search Fundamentals

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Weill Cornell College of Medicine - Uris Auditorium

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Speaker: Deb Koen, VP Career Development Services

Beginning a job search can be confusing and stressful, even more if you are trying to break into a new field. Graduate school and the postdoctoral experience offer a chance to view the academic process, but what if you are looking to move into industry or a non-traditional science career, like science writing, business, policy or law.

Deb Koen, a columnist for NatureJobs and The Wall Street Journal’s and co-author of Career Choice, Change & Challenge (Jist, 2000) has extensive experience consulting individuals and groups regarding effective job search strategies. At this seminar, Deb will offer advice to scientists looking for a change, whether its location or discipline. She will acquaint you with the current strategies for industry recruitment, from online applications to networking events. She will highlight the best approaches and hopefully steer you away from the common mistakes. More importantly, Deb will detail how you can better promote yourself and find the right career match.

This is the first in a series of two seminars that will prepare you for our 2nd Annual NYAS/Naturejobs Career Fair and Symposium slated to occur in early Spring 2005.

A reception will follow the seminar.