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Primary Immunodeficiencies: Past, Present, Future


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Primary Immunodeficiencies: Past, Present, Future

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rockefeller University, Caspary Auditorium

Presented By

Presented by the Jeffrey Modell Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences


The Jeffrey Modell Foundation (JMF) is dedicated to basic and clinical research, physician education, patient support, and public awareness. This one-day conference was developed in collaboration with the New York Academy of Sciences.


8:00 am Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30 Welcome, Robert Goldstein, MD, PhD

8:40 Keynote Speaker: Max Cooper, MD, "Evolution of Immunology-Where is the Future?"

9:00 Session I—"Looking Back, Where Were We?"

Moderators: Martha Eibl, MD, Lloyd Mayer, MD

9:05 Richard Stiehm, "The Early Years of Immunodeficiency"

9:25 Walter Hitzig, MD, "Phenotypes of Primary Immunodeficiency"

9:45 Mary Ellen Conley, MD, "Genotypes of Primary Immunodeficiency"

10:05 Richard Gatti, MD, "Recollections of Bob Good and His Dedication to Translational Research: Treating IDD According to Mutation Types"

10:25 Raif Geha, MD, "Fred Rosen: A Fifty Year Journey in Primary Immunodeficiency"

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Session II—"Where Are We Now?"

Moderators: Raif Geha, MD, Fritz Melchers, PhD

11:05 Fred Alt, PhD, "The DNA Double Strand Break Response: Protection from Immunodeficiency and Cancer"

11:25 Alain Fischer, MD, PhD, "Lessons from the Study of Natural Mutants of the Adaptive Immune System"

11:45 Luigi Notarangelo, MD, "Intracellular Protein Trafficking, Granules Formation and the Pathophysiology of Congenital Neutropenias"

12:05 pm Hans Ochs, MD, "Immune Disregulation; the Ying and Yang of Regulatory T Cells"

12:25 Chaim Roifman, MD, "Can We Finally Choose; Mismatched Related vs. Matched Unrelated Donors for Transplantation of SCID"

12:45 Lunch

1:45 A Special Address: Irving Weissman, MD, PhD, "The Big Picture: Politics and Science"

2:05 Session III—"Looking Ahead- Where Are We Going?"

Moderators: Talal Chatila, MD, Steve Holland, MD, Richard O'Reilly, MD

2:10 Jean-Laurent Casanova, MD "Inborn Errors of Immunity of Infection: The Rule Rather Than the Exception"

2:30 Amos Etzioni, MD, "Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (LAD) III, from Adhesion Molecular to Intracellular Signaling"

2:50 Rebecca Buckley, MD, "Superior Survival and Immune Reconstitution in SCID when Transplanted in the First 3.5 Months of Life"

3:10 Jennifer Puck, MD, "Translating Research Advances- Detecting SCID Early Through Newborn Screening"

3:30 Alessandro Aiuti, MD, PhD, "Current Challenges and Future Perspectives for Gene Therapy"

3:50 Coffee Break

4:05 Session IV—"Patients Perspective: Clinical Applications We Have Learned from the Past 20 Years"

Moderators: Helen Chapel, MD Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD, PhD

4:10 Mel Berger, MD, PhD, "Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy…What Lies Ahead"

4:30 Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD, PhD, "Making Sense of Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID)"

4:50 Tom Fleisher, MD, "Opportunities and Support for Young Investigators Working in Primary Immunodeficiencies"

5:10 Jordan Orange, MD, PhD, "Spec