Quantitative Finance Symposium


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Quantitative Finance Symposium

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The New York Academy of Sciences

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Endorsed by the International Association For Financial Engineers (IAFE)

Join us for the Launch Events for the Physical Sciences & Engineering Initiative

Please join us to hear four world famous scientists speak about how they applied different aspects of their quantitative and scientific training to the complex financial markets.

This is the first symposium on Quantitative Finance at the New York Academy of Sciences as part of a new initative launched in physical sciences and engineering. Given the Academy's new location at 7 World Trade Center and the number of scientists who work in finance, the goal of this symposium is to build community by creating collaborations and developing professional networks between the science and finance communities.


  • Emanuel Derman, Columbia University
  • Steve Allen, New York University
  • Myles Thompson, Columbia University Press


  • David Shaw, D.E. Shaw & Co., Columbia University
  • H. Eugene Stanley, Boston University
  • Robert Engle, Nobel Laureate, New York University
  • Doyne Farmer, Santa Fe Institute