Lyceum Society: Imaging the Brain


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Lyceum Society: Imaging the Brain

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New York Academy of Sciences

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Presented by the Lyceum Society


The talk begins with a historical overview of brain imaging, starting with the beautiful, lucid brain drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Nobel Laureate 1906. The development of the microscope is described from its earliest models to current technologies. Basic clinical applications, basic research, and DNA imaging are all explored. The talk closes with a discussion of future perspectives, leaving time for questions.

The Lyceum Society is comprised of the Academy's retired and semi-retired members, but any Academy member is welcome. Talks cover various scientific fields.

All Lyceum meetings (except December) are Brown Bag lunches.
Brown Bag: 11:30 am; Lecture & Discussion: 1pm to 3 pm.