Nonsense on Stilts, How to Tell Science from Bunk

Nonsense on Stilts, How to Tell Science from Bunk

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lehman College, Leonard Lief Library, 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, Bronx


Prof. Massimo Pigliucci sets out to separate fact from fantasy in this entertaining exploration of the nature of science, the borderlands of fringe science, and, to borrow a famous phrase from philosopher Jeremy Bentham, "the nonsense on stilts."

Prof. Pigliucci currently serves as Chair of Philosophy at CUNY's Lehman College. He received a Doctorate in Genetics from the University of Ferrara, a Ph.D. in Botany from University of Connecticut, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of Tennessee. His fields of research include philosophy of biology, with particular relevance to the structure and foundations of evolutionary theory, the relationship between science and philosophy, and the relationship between science and religion. Prof. Pigliucci has published four technical books, most recently "Making Sense of Evolution: Toward a Coherent Picture of Evolutionary Theory" (with Jonathan Kaplan, University of Chicago Press).

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