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Women, Power, and Aging

Women, Power, and Aging

Friday, September 24, 2010 - Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pace University - Multipurpose Room

Presented By

Presented by the Psychology Section


Age-group boundaries are blurring, and mid-lie and older women are defyng limiting role expectations and seizing opportunities open to them as a result of the gains made by the Women's Movement. Although images of women over 50 are not as prominent in the media as our generational numbers would suggest, the images that are available are more positive and more varied than every before. The empowerment, self-confidence, and enhanced freedom of self-definition that educated mid-life women have today has changed their experience of aging and improved their quality of life. But - is our freedom and are our expectations beginning to form new strictures about how "youthfully" mid-life women should behave and how "gracefully" we should age? And-how can we improve the well-being of mid-life and older women who have not shared the advantages that higher education has brought to others?


* Presentation times are subject to change

Friday, September 24, 2010

4:30 pm

Welcoming Remarks
Florence Denmark & Mercedes A. McCormick, Pace University


Introductory Greetings
Dean Nira Herrmann, Dyson College, Pace University
Barbara Mowder, Director of Graduate Programs, Pace University

Opening Session

4:45 pm

"Can't Have It All": Representations of Midlife Women in Popular Culture
Dafna Lemish, Southern Illinois University
Varda Muhlbauer, Netanya Academic College, Israel

5:05 pm

The Benefits and Costs of Internet Use for Aging Women
Mercedes A. McCormick, Pace University

5:25 pm

"Defeating the Chronological Clock": News Coverage of Women Who Becomes Mothers in Midlife
Shirley Shalev, Harvard Medical School

5:45 pm

Intergenerational Dialog About Sex: A New Direction for Exploration and Understanding
Leonore Tiefer, NYU School of Medicine

6:05 pm

The Red Hat Society: When I am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple
Michele Paludi, Union Graduate College

Saturday, September 25, 2010


8:00 am


8:30 am
Opening Remarks
Varda Muhlbauer, Netanya Academic College, Israel

Session I

8:45 am

Facing Up to Aging: Women's Attitudes Toward Cosmetic Procedures
Joan C. Chrisler, Connecticut College
Jennifer A. Gorman, Connecticut College
Kimberly B. Chapman, Connecticut College
Katherine E. Serra, Connecticut College

9:05 am

The Embodiment of Aging in an Era of Plastic Surgery: What Does It Mean to be Old Now?
Sherry Dingman, Marist College
Maria Otte, Marist College

9:25 am

Is Age the New Status Symbol?
Maram Hallak, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Peter Marcus, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Lizza Dauenhauer-Pendley, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Toni Mille, Borough of Manhattan Community College 

9:45 am

Dispelling Myths about Older Women that Negatively Impact Independence, Health, and Sense of Self Worth
Judith A. Sugar, School of Community Health Sciences

10:05 am

Georgia O' Keeffe's Journey of the Spirit: An Artist in her Winter Years
Joan Fimbel DiGiovanni, Artist, Tucson, AZ 

10:30 am

Coffee Break

Session II

10:45 am

Midlife Change and Psychological Development as the Foundation for Healthy Aging
Christine L. Hitchcock, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 

11:05 am

Risk, Uncertainty, and Gender Stereotypes in Health Care Decisions
Cheryl B. Travis, University of Tennessee
Dawn M. Howerton, University of Tennessee

11:25 am

Aging Women in Jamaica: An Intersectional Perspective on Their Relationships and Health
Ishtar O. Govia, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, West Indies

11:45 am

Developing a Healthy Stance Towards Perimenopausal and Menopausal Distress
Paula S. Derry, Private Practice in Baltimore

12:05 pm

High Levels of Depression and Depressive Symptoms in Less Educated Middle Aged Portuguese Women and the Possibility to Help Them with Brief Psychological Interventions
Maria Teresa Pereira da F. Pestana Goncalves Fagulha, University of Lisbon, Portugal

12:30 pm


Session III

1:30 pm

"The Test of a Civilization Is the Way that It Cares for Its Helpless Members": Violence Against Older Women
Michele Paludi, Union Graduate College
Darlene DeFour, Hunter College

2:00 pm

Colonization and Culture Clash in Costa Rica
Ellyn Kaschak, San Jose State University

Session IV

2:30 pm

Older Women as Leaders
Maureen McHugh, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

2:50 pm

Older Women as Mentors: Helping Other Women Navigate the Path to Leadership
Florence Denmark, Pace University

3:10 pm

Women, Power and Aging: An International and Multicultural Perspective
Janet Sigal, Fairleigh Dickinson University

3:30 pm

Coffee Break

Session V

3:45 pm

Competing Discourses for Older Women: Agency / Leadership vs. Disengagement / Retirement
Hillary Lips, Radford University

4:05 pm

Researching Women and Retirement: Questions for Future Research
Irene Hanson Frieze, University of Pittsburgh
Josephine E. Olson, University of Pittsburgh

4:25 pm

Growing Older in Portugal: Gender Issues in Physical Health and Well-Being
Maria Duarte Silva, University of Lisbon, Portugal

4:45 pm

Retiring, But Not Shy
Mary Gergen, Penn State Brandywine

5:15 pm

Concluding Remarks
Joan C. Chrisler, Pace University



Joan C. Chrisler

Connecticut College

Florence Denmark

Pace University

Mercedes A McCormick

Pace University

Varda Muhlbauer

Netanya Academic College, Israel


Kimberly B. Chapman

Connecticut College

Joan C. Chrisler

Connecticut College

Lizza Dauenhauer-Pendley

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Darlene DeFour

Hunter College

Florence  L. Denmark

Pace University

Paula S. Derry

Private Practice in Baltimore

Joan Fimbel DiGiovanni


Sherry Dingman

Marist College

Irene Hanson Frieze

University of Pittsburgh

Mary Gergen

Penn State Brandywine

Jennifer A. Gorman

Connecticut College

Ishtar O. Govia

University of the West Indies

Maram Hallak

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Christine L. Hitchcock

University of British Columbia

Dawn M. Howerton

University of Tennessee

Ellyn Kaschak

San Jose State University

Dafna Lemish

Southern Illinois University

Hillary Lips

Radford University

Maria Otte

Marist College

Peter Marcus

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Mercedes A McCormick

Pace University

Maureen McHugh

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Toni Miller

Borough of Manhattan Community College 

Varda Muhlbauer

Netanya Academic College, Israel

Josephine E. Olson

University of Pittsburgh

Michele Paludi

Union Graduate College

Maria Teresa Pereira da F. Pestana Goncalves Fagulha

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Katherine E. Serra

Connecticut College

Shirley Shalev

Harvard Medical School

Janet Sigal

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Maria Duarte Silva

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Judith A Sugar

School of Community Health Sciences

Leonore Tiefer

NYU School of Medicine

Cheryl B. Travis

University of Tennessee