How Can We Tell Which Expert to Believe?

How Can We Tell Which Expert to Believe?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



A recent issue of the NY Skeptic's magazine published a review of the book Why We Get Fat. The Science Based Medicine Blog had its own review of the book, which takes a different view. So, how are we to decide whom to believe?

This is only one example, which repeats itself in many areas that are very close to us, from medical and financial advice, to the perhaps more remote, like climate change and whether the LHC will blow us all to Kingdom Come--all topics in which there are legitimate experts who disagree.

The Skeptics will not be focusing on diets, finances or climate change per se, but on what a rational person is supposed to do when experts give conflicting advice. This is an interesting intellectual exercise dealing with the philosophy of science for all skeptics, so read up and get ready for an interesting and intellectually stimulating dinner.

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