Science on Stage: 'Let Newton Be!'

Science on Stage: 'Let Newton Be!'

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NYU Gallatin, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Perfroming Arts, 1 Washington Place


Isaac Newton: heretic, alchemist, scientist.  An iconic figure whose shadow looms large, while remaining a mystery to many.  A devout, difficult, obsessive man who sought and found God in universal laws of light and motion.

Newton's brilliant discoveries and innovations were part of a greater project that took in other, more dangerous ideas which he was forced to keep secret. Now, "Let Newton Be!" lifts the veil and holds him up to the very light that he tried so hard to understand.  

Using only the words of Newton, and those of his contemporaries, award-winning playwright Craig Baxter focuses on the clash of scientific discovery with religious fanaticism, to tell a story of obsession and possession.


This one-night-only production is put on by Cambridge's Menagerie Theatre Company. For more information, visit RSVP required.