Bill Washabaugh on Groundbreaking Interactive Physical Structures

Bill Washabaugh on Groundbreaking Interactive Physical Structures

Thursday, August 2, 2012

3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn


Head to 3rd Ward for a lecture with Bill Washabaugh, who has masterfully blended engineering, science, sculpture, and music. His design background includes flight control software for Boeing, musical instruments for Bjork, and a massive stage show for U2.

This event is a part of the Terreform 1 "One Lab + Design" series.


About the speaker:
Bill Washabaugh is the founder of Hypersonic Engineering & Design, a firm in NYC working at the intersection of technology and art. From 1999-2005, Washabaugh worked as a Senior Design Engineer at Genie Industries in Redmond, WA designing large machines and robotic systems. Since 2005 he has been consulting on Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering projects in New York City, Seattle, Boston, Paris, and Dublin. His recent work was on the San Jose, CA Climate Clock Initiative, where he helped create the Organograph, a clock-like system of interconnecting exhibit orbs, liquid flows, and mechanical movement that illustrates the dynamic equilibrium of energy and mass flow in the biosphere. It is an ever-changing, participatory sculpture that invites the public to observe and respond to the processes of climate change. Washabaugh holds a degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

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