Schizophrenia Conference: Redefining Possibilities

Schizophrenia Conference: Redefining Possibilities

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Feinstein Institute, 350 Community Dr., Manhasset, NY


"Schizophrenia: Redefining Possibilities" is the next installment of the highly acclaimed Centricity Series biomedical research symposia. Centricity Series bring leading physiciansand scientists together to deliver innovative clinical approaches and cutting-edge scientific research on individual diseases and disorders. The Schizophrenia symposium will discuss biological mechanisms leading to psychosis,cognitive impairments associated with the disease, diagnostic techniques, identification ofpathological characteristics, the role of neuroimaging, current medications, and treatmentmethods and strategies.

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Learning Objectives:

• Identify the mechanisms thought to underlie the process leading to psychosis.

• Define recovery rates following a first episode of schizophrenia and the factors associatedwith better prognosis of the illness.

• Analyze the benefits and risks associated with long-term pharmacotherapy in schizophrenia.

• Discuss monitoring strategies and neuroimaging in the identification of brain abnormalitiesin schizophrenia.

Course Director: John Kane, MD

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