Animating Living Fragments

Animating Living Fragments

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Genspace, The MEx Building 33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217


Ionat Zurr, the co-founder of the Tissue Culture and Art Project and the Artistic and Academic Director at SymbioticA, will discuss her most recent project redefining life, vitality and liveliness using cutting edge tissue culture engineering technologies to grow muscles. A practice through which she raises noble concepts on the living and the semi-living, the man-machine and the body as material.

"While the questions of what life is, and when something becomes alive are open and arguably unanswerable, the question of when life is perceived to be is in the core of this exploration. In other words this is an investigation into the perception of vitality (and its gradients of agencies) as it expressed through movement. This talk will untangle the intricate conceptual, technical and biopolitical relations between movement and perceptions of "vitality”. The research is based on an Australian Research Council project exploring the use of skeletal muscle tissue which is grown, stimulated and activated in a techno-scientific surrogate “body”. This moving twitching (semi) living “machine” evokes, makes unease, and provoke, in sensorial and theoretical means issues of aliveness and agency.

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