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Food-Microbiome Interaction: Implications for Health & Disease

Food-Microbiome Interaction: Implications for Health & Disease

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Royal Society, London

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The human body is colonized by a vast number of commensal organisms, collectively termed the microbiome. Importantly, dysbiosis — dyregulation of this endemic microbiome — has been implicated in a myriad of human diseases ranging from inflammatory bowel disease, to depression.

To discuss recent trends and emerging findings in microbiome science, the New York Academy of Science is pleased to be partnering with a new, international center for food and health research being established in the UK to present "Food-Microbiome Interaction: Implications for Health and Disease". The conference will cover the link between food, the microbiome, and healthy living (session 1), the establishment of the microbiome throughout development and host-microbe mutualism (session 2), the influence of the microbiome on physiology beyond the gut (session 3), and finally the therapeutic potential of targeting the microbiome. Bringing together experts at the field's forefront, "Food-Microbiome Interaction: Implications for Health and Disease" will present an up to date view of our understanding of the regulation of human health by the microbiome.


* Presentation times are subject to change.

DAY 1: TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2016

6:00 PM


6:15 PM

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Sonya Dougal, PhD, The New York Academy of Sciences
Ian Charles, PhD, Quadram Institute

6:30 PM

Keynote: The Gut Microbiota and Childhood Undernutrition: Looking at Human Development From a Microbial Perspective
Jeffrey Gordon, MD, Washington University in St. Louis (via Skype)

7:15 PM

Networking Reception

8:15 PM

Day 1 Adjourns

DAY 2: WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2016

8:00 AM

Breakfast and Registration

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

9:15 AM

Keynote Address
Ian Charles, PhD, Quadram Institute

Session I — Microbiome: Linking Foods to Human Health

9:40 AM

Development of the Gut Microbial Community in Response to Diet
Karen P. Scott, PhD, Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health

10:05 AM

Mechanistic Insights into Gut Bacteria-Mucus Interactions
Nathalie Juge, PhD, Institute of Food Research

10:30 AM

Networking Coffee Break

11:00 AM

Learning How Diet Can Reshape the Human Gut Microbiome
Lawrence David, PhD, Duke University

11:25 AM

The Inflammation-Associated Microbiome of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Marcus Claesson, MSc, PhD, University College Cork

11:50 AM

Data Blitz Presentations
2 poster abstracts selected for 5 min presentations (questions taken at poster)

12:00 PM

Networking Lunch Break and Poster Session
All poster presenters to stand by their posters 12:30 PM–1:40 PM

Session II — The Microbiome in Development: Establishing Host-Microbe Mutualism

1:40 PM

Mom’s Microbes: Changes to the Microbiome During Gestation
Omry Koren, PhD, Bar-Ilan University , Israel

2:05 PM

The Early Microbiome
Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, PhD, New York University

2:30 PM

Networking Coffee Break

3:00 PM

Populating Preterms with Probiotics
Lindsay Hall, PhD, Institute of Food Research

3:25 PM

Culturing of 'Unculturable' Human Intestinal Bacteria Reveals Novel Taxa and Mechanisms of Host Transmission
Trevor David Lawley, PhD, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

3:50 PM

Keynote Address: Opportunities for Commercialization
Denise Kelly, PhD, Seventure Partners

4:30 PM

Panel Discussion
Topic and panelists TBD

5:30 PM

Day 2 Adjourns

DAY 3: THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2016

8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Opening Remarks
Ian Charles, PhD, Quadram Institute

9:05 AM

Keynote Address: Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis: How do Bacteria Communicate Functional Changes?
John Bienenstock, CM, FRCPC, FRSC, McMaster University

Session III — Microbiome Influence Beyond the Gut

9:45 AM

Commensal Gut Bacteria Generated Extracellular Vesicles Mediate Cross-Kingdom Dialog
Simon R. Carding, PhD, Institute of Food Research

10:10 AM

Entroendocrine Cells and Nutrient Sensing
Laurence Ashley Blackshaw, PhD, Queen Mary University of London

10:35 AM

Prebiotics, the Human Gut Microbiome and Lactose Intolerance
M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

11:00 AM

Networking Coffee Break

11:25 AM

Mechanisms of CD1d-Dependent Mucosal Inflammation in Intestines
Richard Blumberg, PhD, Harvard Medical School

11:50 AM

The Role of the Microbiota in Asthma
B. Brett Finlay, PhD, University of British Columbia

12:25 PM

Networking Lunch Break

Session IV — Targeting the Microbiome: Replacement Therapy and Synthetic Genomics

1:25 PM

Mining the Human Microbiome for Bioactive Small Molecules
Jan Claesen, PhD, University of California, San Francisco

1:50 PM

Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) — Expanding Applications
Thomas Borody, MD, PhD, Center for Digestive Diseases

2:15 PM

Microbiota in IBD and its Modification as a Therapy
Ailsa Hart, MRCP, PhD, Imperial College

2:40 PM

Networking Coffee Break

3:05 PM

The Process and Consequences of Bacteria-Phage Coevolution within the Microbiome
Britt Koskella, PhD, University of California, Berkeley

3:30 PM

Short Chain Fatty Acid Production by Intestinal Microbiota: Models and Reality
Jean-Michel Faurie, PhD, Nutricia DANONE Research

4:00 PM

The Gut Microbiota as a Therapeutic Target in Obesity and Insulin ResistanceGuido Joost Bakker, MD, Academic Medical Center

4:45 PM

Closing Remarks
Ian Charles, PhD, Quadram Institute

5:00 PM

Conference Concludes

Keynote Speakers

John Bienenstock, CM, FRCPC, FRSC

McMaster University

Jeffrey Gordon, MD

Washington University in St. Louis (via Skype)


M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril, PhD

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Guido Joost Bakker, MD

Academic Medical Centre

Laurence Ashley Blackshaw, PhD

Queen Mary University of London

Richard Blumberg, PhD

Harvard Medical School

Thomas Borody, MD, PhD, FRACP

Center for Digestive Diseases

Jan Claesen, PhD

University of California, San Francisco

Simon Carding, PhD

Institute of Food Research / University of East Anglia

Ian Charles, PhD

Quadram Institute

Marcus Claesson, MSc, PhD

University College Cork

Lawrence David, PhD

Duke University

Sonya Dougal, PhD

The New York Academy of Sciences

Jean-Michel Faurie, PhD

Nutricia DANONE Research

B. Brett Finlay, PhD

University of British Columbia

Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, PhD

New York University

Lindsay Hall, PhD

Institute of Food Research

Ailsa Hart, MRCP, PhD

Imperial College

Nathalie Juge, PhD

Institute of Food Research

Trevor David Lawley, PhD

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Denise Kelly, PhD

Seventure Partners

Omry Koren, PhD

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Britt Koskella, PhD

University of California, Berkeley

Karen Scott, PhD

Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health


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