Chemical Neuroscience


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Chemical Neuroscience

Friday, November 17, 2017, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The New York Academy of Sciences, 7 World Trade Center, 250 Greenwich St Fl 40, New York

Chemical biology is uniquely positioned to increase our understanding of the human brain in health and disease.  Cutting-edge chemical biology tools are poised to increase our understanding of healthy neural systems and pave the way for the development of interventions for neurological and psychiatric disease, as new biological targets emerge. This meeting will bring together world-class scientists from academia and industry to present research in synthetic neurobiology, structural biology, neuroimaging, and neuropharmacology

Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions are invited for a poster session. For complete submission instructions, please visit our online portal. The deadline for abstract submission is October 13, 2017.


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Chemical Neuroscience
Dirk Trauner, PhD, New York University
Chemical Neuroscience
Sonya Dougal, PhD, The New York Academy of Sciences
Chemical Neuroscience
Caitlin McOmish, PhD, The New York Academy of Sciences


November 17, 2017

11:30 AM


12:00 PM

Introduction and Welcome Remarks


Sonya Dougal, PhD
The New York Academy of Sciences
Dirk Trauner, PhD
New York University
12:15 PM

Neurochemical Imaging: from Methods with Palladium to Mapping the Pallidum


Jacob Hooker, PhD
Harvard University
12:45 PM

Strategies for Successful Neuroscience Drug Discovery: An Industry Perspective


Paul Coleman, PhD
Merck Research Laboratories
1:15 PM

Chemists to a Chemical Synapse: Imaging and Repairing Synapses with Chemical Tools


Dalibor Sames, PhD
Columbia University
1:45 PM

Networking Coffee Break and Poster Session

2:15 PM

Discovering Neuroactive Compounds by High-throughput Behavioral Screens


Randall Peterson, PhD
University of Utah
2:45 PM

Illuminating the Druggable GPCR-ome


Bryan Roth, MD, PhD
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
3:15 PM

Ion Channels in the Nervous System


Roderick MacKinnon, PhD (Keynote Speaker)
The Rockefeller University
4:00 PM

Closing remarks


Dirk Trauner, PhD
New York University
4:15 PM

Networking Reception

5:00 PM