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Science Alliance Leadership Training 2022


for Members

Science Alliance Leadership Training 2022

Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 8:00 AM - Sunday, May 22, 2022, 5:30 PM EDT

New York City

Presented By

Science Alliance

The Sloan Foundation



Your STEM Career Begins with SALT

Are you a Ph.D. student in the New York City metropolitan area who wants to pursue a career in STEM? You’ll acquire valuable leadership skills, connect with a powerful network, and gain an edge in your career with Science Alliance Leadership Training (SALT). This free 5-day program provides thirty exceptional students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in leadership concepts, and build the skills they’ll need to effectively advocate for their careers.

“SALT was an amazing 5-day experience that brought a lot of pending and much-needed self-reflection to the surface. This workshop was very empowering and also gave me confidence in my abilities as a scientist and a leader. I now see my strengths and weaknesses as a team member more clearly than ever and have acquired concrete tools to utilize them to the best of my abilities.”

The training will feature small group exercises, a leadership development plan, community-building among participants, and networking opportunities with a dynamic network of SALT alumni. Selected participants will receive maximum reimbursement of $100.00.


What’s in Store for SALT 2022?

The tools you need to succeed

Gain all the leadership, interpersonal, conflict management, and communication skills you need to take ownership of your career.

Continuous follow-up and education

The learning doesn’t stop after SALT ends. We provide you with nine webinars as part of the continuous education.

A tight-knit community of SALT alumni

You’ll go through SALT with a small cohort of driven students like yourself, enabling you to build connections and open up networking opportunities across multiple institutions and fields.

A professional network like no other & online badge

Students must join the New York Academy of Sciences before applying for SALT. As a Member, you’ll enjoy the networking and educational benefits that come with being part of the World’s Smartest Network®. You will be part of an online community with past SALT members on LaunchPad and a closed LinkedIn group only for SALT members. You will also receive an online badge once you have attended the workshop and the nine mandatory webinars.

Smiling student

Eligibility & Selection Criteria


• Applicants must be Ph.D. students in the 2nd year of their Ph.D. or beyond.
• Applicants in year 2 of their Ph.D. must have begun their second semester by March 4th, 2022, or earlier.
• Applicants must be enrolled at an institution located in the New York City metropolitan area.
• Applicants must be members of New York Academy of Sciences.

Get Your Application Materials Ready

You’ll need to submit all of your application materials in one go, so be sure to prepare the following items in advance:

Statement of purpose (max. 500 words)

• What does Leadership mean to you?
• What do you expect to learn at SALT?
• Please describe your professional vision and how you plan to get there.

Leadership essay (max. 400 words)

• Describe opportunities in your current position as a graduate student where you have demonstrated leadership.
• Describe a scenario where you were not effective as a leader and describe the lesson(s) learned from it.

Candidate biography (max. 150 words)

• A brief bio that includes education, interests, and professional goals.

Consent form

• Must be signed by your PI (access here)

Resume (max. 2 pages)

Letter of recommendation (1)

• Ask the person who is endorsing you to send the letter of recommendation directly to
Questions? Visit our FAQ page, or email us at

Not Just Another Career Development Program...


Each day of SALT revolves around a unique theme with lessons, breakouts and trainings designed to help you hone your skills.

Day 1: May 18

Leadership and Critical Communication

Day 2: May 19

Public Communication

Day 3: May 20

Leadership & Personality

Networking with past SALT Alums

Day 4: May 21

Leadership, EQ & Conflict Resolution

Day 5: May 22

Simulation Activities

Networking with past SALT Alums

SALT Webinars

Following the workshop, the participants will be engaged in nine webinars that will focus on various aspects of Leadership. The SALT members are required to attend these webinars. The webinars will be held the following dates:

SALT Webinar 1: June 9, 2022

SALT Webinar 2: June 23, 2022

SALT Webinar 3: July 7, 2022

SALT Webinar 4: July 21, 2022

SALT Webinar 5: August 11, 2022

SALT Webinar 6: September 8, 2022

SALT Webinar 7: September 29, 2022

SALT Webinar 8: October 13, 2022

SALT Webinar 9: October 27, 2022

SALT Application

+ What is in the application and in the consent form?

You can find the application here and the consent form here.

+ Does the recommendation letter have to be written by my Principal Investigator?

No, the recommendation letter can be written by any professional that can attest to what makes you a great candidate for this unique leadership training opportunity.

+ Can I submit more than one recommendation letter?

Yes, you may submit more than one recommendation letter. However, only the first letter received will be included in the application materials for the reviewers.

+ Does the consent form need to be signed my PI?

Yes, SALT requires a 5-day commitment from each participant. The PI’s signature on the consent form guarantees that the student has the consent of their supervisor to participate in this unique opportunity without affecting his/her research requirements.

+ If my PI won’t sign the consent form, will my application still be considered?

No, all the requirements must be met by the application deadline (February 9th, 2022). This includes your PI’s signature on the consent form.

+ Is there is a fee to apply or attend SALT?

No, there is no fee to apply or participate in SALT. However, you must be a Member in good standing of the New York Academy of Sciences at the time of your application.

+ When will I be notified about my application status?

We expect to notify all applicants of their status by 23rd February 2022.

+ Who will review my application?

Each completed application will be reviewed by 2 professionals with doctoral degrees in STEM fields who are currently pursuing a variety of science careers, including science policy, academia, non-profit, industry, and consulting.

SALT Eligibility

+ Is a PhD degree required to apply?

No, this year’s SALT is designed for graduate students pursuing PhD degrees in STEM fields who are in the 2nd year of their degree program, or beyond. Second year students must have begun (or expect to begin) their second semester by March 4th, 2022 or earlier.

+ Are first year or early second year graduate students eligible to apply?

No, SALT is designed for current graduate students who have completed their first year, and at least one semester of their second year, or beyond.

+ Are undergraduates, master’s students or postdocs eligible to apply?

No, SALT is designed for current graduate students pursuing PhD degrees in STEM fields who are in their second year or beyond.

+ Do I need to be a US citizen to apply for SALT?

No, you don’t need to be a citizen. SALT will accept applications from both US citizen students and non-citizen students.

+ If I am pursuing my degree at an institution outside the New York City metropolitan area, can I still apply?

No, this edition of SALT is restricted to students studying at institutions in the New York metropolitan area. However we may offer additional SALT editions later in the year that will be open to a broader set of participants. To stay in the loop, ensure that you subscribe to our newsletters via the link at the bottom of this webpage!

+ I was part of a previous SALT program. Am I eligible to apply?

No, previous SALT participants are not eligible to participate as SALT students for a second time.

SALT Program Requirements

+ If selected, am I required to attend every day?

Absolutely yes. You are making a commitment to the New York Academy of Sciences to be present during the 5-days of SALT. This year's program dates are March 9-13th.

+ When do sessions start and end?

SALT sessions will start every day at 8:30 AM and will finish by 5:30 PM.

+ When does the last session end?

The last sessions will end on Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 4:30 PM.

+ Are meals provided during SALT?

Yes, SALT participants will get a light breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day.

+ Does the New York Academy of Sciences cover my commuting fees?

Yes, the New York Academy of Sciences will cover commuting fees or transportation costs within the New York City metropolitan area associated with participating in SALT. Participant will be reimbursed “incidentals & meals” for a minimum approved rate upon submission of receipts. The maximum reimbursement stipend will be capped at $100.00.

+ Will the New York Academy of Sciences cover my travel and lodging expenses?

No, the New York Academy of Sciences will not cover travel and lodging expenses for SALT participants except as indicated in the previous question.