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January 2018 Ambassador Posts

January is National Mentoring Month!

Mentorship is one of the most important ways to make a lasting impact on the life and future career trajectory of a student or early-career professional. And January marks an annual, national celebration of mentors.

Mentorship is a key piece of how we at the Academy achieve our mission, so we're focusing many of our posts this month on mentorship. Learn more about the Academy's many mentorship programs here.

Feel free to make use of, adapt, or build your own posts inspired by the ones below.

As a reminder, here some hashtags you can include in your posts:

  • #IAmNYAS - When sharing your own or other Academy Members' stories.
  • #Imagine300 - For posts focused on the future of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)
  • #STEMRoleModels or #ScienceHeroes - For mentors, role models, leaders in their field (past and present), and people of all ages doing inspiring work in STEM.
  • #FutureofSTEM - For posts focused on young people in STEM.

Note about images: The images included here are only for use by Ambassadors for posts related to the Academy and its programs. Please do not share, use, or otherwise distribute any of these images for any other purpose.

To download the full resolution of the images below, right-click on the image and choose "Save image as..."

Early January Posts

Post 1 - Thank Your Mentor

Instructions: Who are the mentors who have made a difference in your life - teachers, friends, colleagues, professionals? Make a post thanking them for being your mentor and say why they've made such a difference in your life. Be sure to include a photo of your mentor or you and your mentor.


Thank you to Dr. Rickerson for being my mentor. Your support and advice have helped give me the confidence to pursue the career of my dreams! #ThankYourMentor #MentorMonth #IAmNYAS

Include a photo of yourself, possibly with your mentor.

If you can, print out this sign and hold it up in your picture too!


Post 2 - Why I Mentor

Instructions: Who do you mentor in your life? You may not be part of a formal mentorship program, but you could still be serving as a role model to others. Tell the world why being a mentor and role model has made a difference in your life.


Many people think that the best part of being a mentor is inspiring another person, but for me, it's also been about learning from my mentee. #WhyIMentor #MentorMonth #IAmNYAS

Include a photo of yourself, possibly with your mentee.

If you can, print out this sign and hold it up in your picture too!

Post 3 - Best Advice

Instructions: What's one great piece of advice you've gotten from a mentor or that you've given to someone else thinking about studying or pursuing a career in STEM? Share it.


Some of the best advice my mentor gave me about networking is to focus on having genuine conversations with other people. That's what builds the best connections. #MentorMonth #IAmNYAS

Include a photo of yourself, possibly with your mentor or mentee, along with the appropriate sign above.

Post 4 - Spread the Word

Suggested Post:

Many of the most inspiring scientists out there were initially inspired to join the field by parents, teachers, mentors, or friends and colleagues. Be the inspiration for others. Become a mentor today:

Mid-January Posts

Post 1 - #Imagine300

Suggested Post:

The New York Academy of Sciences (@NYASciences) is entering their Third Century this year. Hear from Members around the globe and across fields about what they imagine the future of #STEM will bring. #Imagine300

Post 2 - What do you imagine?

Instructions: Tell the world what you think the future of STEM will bring - focus in particular on the area of STEM that most interests you.


One century into the future, I imagine a global community that can generate and store energy without depleting the Earth's natural resources. #Imagine300 #IAmNYAS

Post an image that best represents your ideas about the future.

Post 3 - The Future of Clean Tech

Suggested Post:

Two young entrepreneurs in New York State are working at a microscopic level to help solve really big energy challenges. Hear from them in this @NYASciences podcast. #Imagine300