Instagram Takeover How To

Instagram Takeover How To

We're so excited you'll be doing an Instagram Takeover! To help make things a little bit easier, here's a short how to, along with a few sample posts to give you some ideas.


  • We'd like for you to contribute at least five photos during your takeover.
  • Just email our Communications Manager with your photos and captions throughout your Takeover day and we'll choose the best ones to share.
  • For each photo that you send, make sure to suggest a caption that you would like us to include. We may edit it slightly for style and length.
  • Hashtags are optional.
  • If you have a favorite Instagram filter, feel free to share that. Otherwise we'll choose the one that works best.
  • For your first post, include an introduction that gives followers some information about you. (See Steph's example below.)
  • For your last post of the day, make sure to thank everyone for joining you. (See Steph's example below.)

Image tips

  • Have fun! Show us what you think is fun and exciting about your day.
  • Make sure the photo shows people what you're doing during the day - show us the people, places, and activities you're engaged in throughout the day. (See examples below.)
  • Make sure the image can stand alone without a caption. It shouldn’t need too much explanation.

NOTE: Our Communications Manager has final approval of any photos, captions, and hashtags that are posted to our Instagram account.

Sample Intro Post

Sample Thank You Post

Additional Sample Posts