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Help Wanted: All Positions, STEM Skills Preferred

Help Wanted: All Positions, STEM Skills Preferred
Fall 2019 Issue
Published two times per year, The New York Academy of Sciences Magazine reports on the activities of the Academy and its Members, and features cover stories, profiles and book excerpts that illuminate cutting-edge issues in science and examine challenges facing the global scientific community.

Table of Contents

Cover Story

Help Wanted to Close the Skills Gap

Reported by

Joan Lebow, NYAS Contributor

Nearly two decades after the acronym STEM first entered the national lexicon, the need for STEM skills remains central to the national conversation about workforce readiness. The reality is more complex.


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Minding the Science and Technology Skills Gap

Reported by

Alan Dove, PhD, NYAS Contributor

As science and technology drives the global economy, experts discuss how to best prepare the workforce to prevent a widening skills gap.

What Do Teachers Think About the Skills Gap?

Reported by

Robert Birchard, NYAS Staff

Academics, politicians, and entrepreneurs all have opinions on the skills gap, but what do teachers think about this vexing problem?

There Are Women in Science, the Challenge Is Keeping Them There

Reported by

Sonya Dougal, PhD, NYAS Staff

Gender equality in science has become a crisis of retention. In the U.S., women now earn approximately half of the doctoral degrees awarded across life sciences, yet only 30 percent of tenured professors are women, and even fewer are in academic leadership positions.


Not Getting Your Grant Could Be the Best Thing for Your Career

Reported by

Ann Delfaro, NYAS Contributor

As more and more doctoral students finish their PhD's and cannot find a position in academia, they're finding that their skills are highly valued by employers in the business, government, and industry sectors.

I Am a Scientist – Should I Be an Entrepreneur?

Reported by

Chenelle Bonavito Martinez, NYAS Staff

Scientists turned entrepreneurs discuss the challenges and opportunities when launching a “start-up.”

Non-STEM Skills Give an Edge to STEM Professionals

Reported by

Pinelopi Kyriazi, NYAS Contributor

Discipline-specific skill sets are only part of what employers look for in potential employees. Communication, teamwork, networking and time management are also in high demand.

The 2019 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists National Laureates

Reported by

Carina Storrs, PhD, NYAS Contributor

The 2019 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists announces their National Laureates, some of the rising stars of science who are receiving recognition for their ground-breaking research.

Collaboration Is Key to Breaking New Ground in Genomics

Reported by

Marie Samanovic Golden, PhD, NYAS Contributor

Daniel L. Kastner, MD, PhD received the 2019 Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine for his pioneering work on the genomics of auto-inflammatory diseases.

High School Student Inspired to Help After Experiencing Natural Disaster

Reported by

Mandy Carr, NYAS Staff

Luis G. Alvarez, a student in The Junior Academy, relates how he was inspired to help others in disaster situations after experiencing the eruption of Volcan de Fuego in his native Guatemala.

Innovation Challenges: STEM Talent Takes Action

Reported by

Robert Birchard, NYAS Staff

Recent sponsors of and participants in some of the Academy's Innovations Challenges discuss how this program has allowed them to use STEM skills to find solutions to real world problems.

So, You Want to Publish a Scientific Paper?

Reported by

Douglas Braaten, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Scientific Publications & Editor-in-Chief, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

The Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences offers some advice for scientists who want to learn how to write a scientific paper that will be published.

Academy eBriefings

Summaries of recent eBriefings.

Annals Highlights

Recent and upcoming Annals volumes.

How Can Humans Compete with Artificial Intelligence?

Reported by

Jerry Hultin, Chair, New York Academy of Sciences Board of Governors

The advent of the Intelligence Revolution will present many opportunities that benefit humanity, as well as some drawbacks. How can we respond to these changes?

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