Greening Transportation Group to Discuss City Infrastructure

A new Academy discussion group will focus on sustainable transportation.

Published January 15, 2010

In the autumn of 2009, the New York Academy of Sciences launched the Greening Transportation and Infrastructure Discussion Group, a timely addition to the Academy’s Green Science and Sustainability Program as New York’s City and State governments focus on urban sustainability and smart grid initiatives. Led by a steering committee composed of academics, policy experts, and representatives from the city’s transportation authorities, the group will focus on how to employ new technology to solve the city’s pressing transportation and infrastructure problems and reduce the adverse impact of transportation on the environment and human health.

The group will sponsor a series of public lectures and panel discussions featuring engineers, planners, and policymakers. The Academy’s online multimedia eBriefings will extend the reach of the symposia with meeting summaries by professional science writers; speakers’ slides and audio; and links to other related information, including relevant journal articles, Web sites, books, and speakers’ home pages.