Physician Cited for Preeclampsia Research

Georgian, Lorella Battini, is honored for contribution to women's health.

Published April 03, 2009

Lorella Battini, a physician and Professor of the Organization Gestosis Affiliated and Sponsored Hospitals (OGASH), which was founded in 2003 in Tbilisi, Georgia, was recognized by the Intercontinental OGASH Academy of Medical Social Sciences for her research on preeclampsia. Battini’s studies, done in collaboration with Irma de Luca Brunori, on the etiopathological role of HLA-DR in preeclampsia, were published in Human Reproduction in August 2000, in the Journal of Reproductive Immunology in August 2003, and presented at the annual World Organization Gestosis Meetings in China, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Mauritius, the Philippines, Romania, and South Africa. Battini says preeclampsia/gestosis is the leading killer in the obstetrics field, and she urges a new generation of physicians to enroll in the fight for safe pregnancy and neonatal outcomes, particularly in developing countries.