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STEM Educator Certification

From the New York Academy of Sciences

Become a STEM Certified Educator

The New York Academy of Sciences is proud to bring you the opportunity to become a New York Academy of Sciences Certified STEM Educator!

The New York Academy of Sciences offers seven micro-credentials aligned to the Essential Skills of our STEM Education Framework: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Data Literacy, and Digital Literacy & Computer Science. Educators can earn any number of micro-credentials, and those who earn all seven become New York Academy of Sciences Certified STEM Educators!

How It Works

  1. Choose a micro-credential by clicking on its image below.
  2. Follow the instructions and submit your reflections and evidence that you can develop learning experiences through which students have opportunities to master the skill of the micro-credential.
  3. Trained evaluators who are K-12 education practitioners will review your submissions and either award your micro-credential or provide you with specific actionable feedback so you can revise and resubmit.
  4. Share your micro-credential badge via social media, and notify your school and district leaders of your achievement with a letter of recognition from the New York Academy of Sciences.
  5. Earn all 7 micro-credentials and automatically become a New York Academy of Sciences Certified STEM Educator! You will receive an additional badge from the Academy!
  6. New York State educators will automatically receive 28 CTLEs for completing the 7 micro-credentials.

Get Started

Get started by clicking on one of the micro-credentials below:

Want Some Help?

The Academy offers an 8-week online course, STEM Education in the 21st Century, designed to support K–12 educators in applying our STEM Education Framework to their teaching. Learn more...

Course Developer

Chris Link, PhD
Chris Link, PhD

Director of Education, The New York Academy of Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

Micro-credentials are competency-based validation of educators’ abilities or skills. Educators select micro-credentials to improve a specific skill related to instructional practice, students’ needs, school-improvement goals, or professional-growth goals. Educators earn digital badges for successful completion of the micro-credential to display as evidence of effective and consistent use of the target skill or concept in their professional practice.

The current system of obtaining professional development credits tends to produce a system of compliance to “seat time” rather than true professional learning. Teachers have expressed that many professional development offerings are “not relevant, not effective, and most of all, not connected to their core work of helping students learn.” Micro-credentials allow educators time to learn, reflect, and implement content that will impact their professional practices and lead to higher achievement for all students.

Upon earning your micro-credential, you will receive an email from Credly allowing you to claim your digital badge. Your digital badge can be shared via social media, embedded onto your personal website, and printed as a certificate to share or hang on your wall.

Upon earning all seven micro-credentials, you will automatically become a STEM Certified Educator from the New York Academy of Sciences. You will receive an email from Credly with your digital badge that you can share via social media, personal website, and/or download and print.

The skills that inform each micro-credential are important well beyond STEM subjects. Any educator in any subject area can earn any/all of the micro-credentials through this process.

The fee to apply for a micro-credential is $55.

Upon paying for your micro-credential, you will receive an email with a link to submit your artifacts (or, evidence that you can design learning experiences in which K-12 students have opportunities to develop the micro-credential’s skill of focus) and your reflection (or, rationale that your evidence is aligned to each component of the micro-credential). Upon submitting, evaluators have two weeks (please allow extra time for weekends and holidays) to review your submissions and respond to you with feedback or information on how to claim your digital badge.

In order to earn any of the micro-credentials, you are required to submit 1-10 artifacts that display your ability to deliver lessons through which students have opportunities to develop the skill of focus. These artifacts can take the form of lesson plans, handouts, slide decks (PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.), and/or student work (with student names removed). Along with your submissions, you are required to explain how your artifacts align to the criteria for each micro-credential. If your submissions and artifacts earn 80% or better when evaluated according to this rubric, you will earn your micro-credential.

Yes! Check out this example of an artifact that has passed evaluation for Communication and the reflection page that supported it. You’ll notice that this unit was not designed for a STEM subject. That's ok - all subjects are welcome!

Upon paying for your micro-credential, you have six months to earn your micro-credential. After six months, your application will be reset.

If you don’t earn your micro-credential on your first attempt, you will receive specific, actionable feedback from your evaluator. You will be allowed to revise your submissions and allowed one resubmission. If you do not earn your micro-credential on your second attempt, you will be required to reapply and pay the associated fees.

After six months, your application will be reset. You will need to start over when you are ready to finish uploading your evidence. It is important that you save your work on your own computer or in an online storage space in case this happens.

The New York Academy of Sciences worked with SRI, Education and an international board of advisors to create a research-based STEM Education Framework. The STEM Education Framework identifies 26 elements of quality STEM Education and identifies criteria that curriculum should meet in order to help students build the Essential Skills for employment in modern careers. The micro-credentials and criteria are all directly aligned with the STEM Education Framework.

The New York Academy of Sciences is an official sponsor of CTLEs. All New York state educators will receive 28 CTLEs upon earning all seven micro-credentials. Teachers in other states or countries should confirm with their building-, district-, or network-administrators to determine if these micro-credentials will be honored as official professional development or continuing education credits. Questions can be directed to

It depends on the policies in the state where you work. Get the latest information on continuing education credits or salary advancement units from your state department of education or the human resources department in your school district.

The New York Academy of Sciences has hired and trained Doctoral- and/or Master-level educators who have practical classroom experience. All evaluators are knowledgeable with the STEM Education Framework and with STEM, and other, K-12 instruction.

If you are interested in becoming a micro-credential evaluator AND have earned all seven micro-credentials, please email with the subject: “Interest in becoming a micro-credential evaluator”. Please include your resume and brief explanation as to why you would be a great evaluator.

Drop us a line at