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Meet Rahazimah Alzahrah Abu Bakar Sadiqin

Meet Rahazimah Alzahrah Abu Bakar Sadiqin

Affiliated with Nobelist Mindset Program

Boston University
Boston, MA, USA

Current education level: Undergraduate

Current or future career fields: Molecular Biology, Genetics

Rahazimah comes from Malaysia. This is where she was born and grew up even though her early childhood was spent in Vienna. At 16, she completed her secondary education at PERMATApintar National Gifted Centre, Malaysia, and continued her tertiary education at Boston University. She fell in love with science when she heard the phrases “Stem Cells” and “Growth Hormones” in primary school. Aspiring to be a well-rounded researcher, Rahazimah joined tournaments such as Mighty Minds, World Scholar’s Cup, Model UN, and PERMATApintar Future Scientists’ Conference in high school. Besides biology, she loves political science, arts and crafts, cultures from around the world, swimming, Jodi Picoult’s novels, and food.

Why and how are STEM education and the Global STEM Alliance important to you?

STEM education provides a platform for students to explore and discover STEM with proper guidance from experts and their peers. Instead of making us memorize the facts in order to ace our exams, STEM education encourages us to be curious and critical thinkers. STEM education also instills confidence in us (students) that despite our young age, we are capable of great things, such as conducting our own research and presenting them in conferences.

What are/were your goals for participation in the Global STEM Alliance? How has Global STEM Alliance programming helped you achieve them?

This program helped me to widen my networking with scientists, professionals, and peers in the science fields. I also enjoyed the hands-on activity such as the DNA barcoding experiment and the educational tours. Without the young researchers, the world will not be able to progress or overcome future challenges. This program has made me realize that we should not feel complacent with our achievements today because there will definitely be more obstacles in the future.

If you could invent or discover one thing, what would it be?

Develop a method to detect growth-hormone disorders such as gigantism and acromegaly at an early stage, and discover a stable, proper cure; therefore, patients would not need to undergo surgery.