Nutrition in Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Adolescence is a unique point in the lifecycle where problems originating early in life may be remedied, and the onset of diet-related illnesses prevented. However, adolescent women in underprivileged settings have limited access to preventive health care. Research teams from around the world have joined the Sackler Institute to focus attention on the nutritional status of adolescents in low and middle income countries.

  • Occupations, vulnerability, and nutrition in adolescence. In 2017, six grants were awarded to investigate how adolescents' engagement in school and the formal and informal workforce may matter. Read more about our grantees here.
  • Dietary practices, nutritional status, and trends in malnutrition and overweight. In 2015 nine grants were awarded to investigate, to identify vulnerabilities and formulate strategies to bring nutrition programming to adolescent girls and young women –Find out more