Obesity Across the Stages of Life

The Sackler Institute is dedicated to enhancing the use of nutrition science in public health strategies to combat obesity. Our programs areas include:

  • Using Electronic Health Records to develop a rapid assay of nutritional status and health outcomes, including pregnancy outcomes. In collaboration with Rockefeller University and the Clinical Directors Network, the Sackler Institute is examining a de-identified cohort of nearly 80,000 female adolescents ages 12-20, of which 43% are obese and 17% have a recorded pregnancy. Efforts are focused on data quality improvement and interpretation of key associations between BMI, metabolic health and pregnancy outcomes, to demonstrate the value of using EHR as a rapid assay for population studies. In 2017, the program will also investigate the use of nutrition education in primary care setting.
  • The Sackler Institute hosts an Obesity Working Group. In 2017-18, the Working Group will focus on metabolic fitness, and will convene experts to discuss markers of metabolic health as a target, going beyond BMI reduction.