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When brilliant minds come together across sectors, disciplines, and generations, innovation flourishes and big ideas are born.

This is not an accidental phenomenon; it's why the New York Academy of Sciences exists. We create the conditions for the most impactful collaborations in the world, sparking connections and generating energy among the brightest minds in science, government, industry, and academia.

The result is collective action that impacts you, the world, and generations to come.

By becoming a Darwin Society Member, you can help the Academy and ensure the vitality and success of our programs.

Benefits of Darwin Society Membership: $1000+

  • A complimentary 1-year Membership to the Academy (if not already a Member)

  • Access to our Darwin Concierge Service and 1 complimentary single-day event registration per year

  • Recognition of your donation in the Academy's Annual Report

  • Thank you gift from the Academy

Benefits of Third Century Membership: $5,000+

  • All of the above, plus exclusive access to select "invitation only" events

  • Access to our Darwin Concierge Service and 4 complimentary single-day event registrations per year


Bevin Ross

Director, Individual Giving