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  • A Global Research Agenda for Nutrition Science

    December 17 - 18, 2012
    The New York Academy of Sciences

    Presented by The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science

    The field of nutrition sciences has made significant progress in mainstreaming nutrition as central to survival and critical to maintaining health. There are, however, still many questions left unanswered, from core biological concepts to those related to the evaluation of public health interventions. With limited resources and pressing needs, identifying the most critical knowledge gaps is essential to guide scientists towards much needed research and is a first step towards building the kind of consensus that will actually transform the way malnutrition is tackled.

    This conference will present a research agenda for nutrition science developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization and many global experts. It will emphasize the continuum starting from identifying research gaps, to dissemination, advocacy and eventually influencing policies and practices. This research agenda will become an effective tool to address the nutritional problems of today and those of the future, and provide a basis for creating dynamic collaborations among research institutions and implementing agencies, effective dissemination of scientific knowledge, and consensus building among stakeholders.

    Lectures and panel discussions will feature key researchers, policy makers, and leaders from the public and private sector who will discuss the role of science and evidence in their decision-making process and help explore how to best translate a research agenda into actions. The role of capacity building to generate as well as disseminate quality research with public health applications will also be discussed.

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