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Publishing scientific content on the latest research for professional scientists as well as thoughtful perspectives for science enthusiasts.

A cover shot of the public Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences.

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences is an international science journal presenting original research articles and/or commissioned reviews, commentaries, and perspectives. Ann NY Acad Sci is rigorously peer-reviewed and ranked among the top multidisciplinary journals worldwide.

A cover shot of the publication Transactions of The New York Academy of Sciences.

A sister journal to Ann NY Acad Sci, this was a historical publication published as from 1881–1897 and 1938–1983. Transactions provides a rich history of science in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 

A cover shot of the publication The Sciences.

Featuring articles, news and commentary on scientific developments of social and cultural interest, The Sciences was published from 1961 to 2001 and was the winner of seven National Magazine Awards. All 41 volumes of The Sciences are available online. Ann NY Acad Sci now publishes a series called “The Sciences,” with content evoking the original publication. 

The archive of The New York Academy of Sciences (spanning 210 years, from 1803 to 2013) encapsulates the history and development of natural science, technology, modern biomedical sciences and education. Our archives include documentation of anti-intellectual sentiments toward science and scientists, offering insights into the history of the pursuit of fact-based reasoning, equality and freedom from oppression.

Convergence: A Journal for Young Researchers by Indigo Research and The New York Academy of Sciences is dedicated to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed academic work from young people (pre-university), exploring a wide range of subjects with a focus on work that explores the convergence of disciplines related to current and future existential risks including climate change, human rights and structural inequities.