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Shaping Science

The Academy leverages its stature as a preeminent institution of advanced learning by capitalizing on the breadth of our global scientific network to shape the future of science. We do this through convening scientists for events, offering awards and fellowships, supporting the work of like-minded partners, and more. 


Bringing together experts and partners from academia, industry, and government, the Academy convenes conferences, symposia, and workshops that provide a neutral forum for the exchange of information on basic and applied research as well as discussions about the broader role of science in society. 

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The Academy is widely acclaimed for excellence in administering prestigious Awards programs. We have consistently identified outstanding emerging talent and foremost senior figures in the scientific community, exemplifying the transformative impact of science philanthropy.  

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Our fellowships are designed to attract talented international, interdisciplinary scholars who combine deep interest and expertise in science with a broad appreciation of the social, cultural, economic and technological complexities of our world. 

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International Science Reserve

The International Science Reserve (ISR) is a network of scientists and scientific institutions from around the world bringing together specialized resources to prepare for and help mitigate complex and urgent global crises. 

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Nutrition Science

The Academy is dedicated to advancing nutrition science research and knowledge. Our initiatives address micronutrient deficiencies, obesity, adolescent nutrition in low income areas, the use of electronic health records for public health, and other pressing issues in the field.

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Research & Consulting Services

Through a collective action approach, the Academy organizes and facilitates diverse groups — including funding agencies, governments, companies, and universities — to translate science into information for public use and develop solutions to global challenges.   

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