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Showcasing The New York Academy of Sciences’ Spring 2024 Interns

May 23, 2024

Throughout the year, The New York Academy of Sciences welcomes student interns who join staff teams to gain valuable firsthand experience working on practical projects that help to advance the Academy’s mission of “science for the public good.” Published May 23, 2024 By Zamara Choudhary, Program Manager, Education The New York Academy of Sciences has a long history of supporting aspiring young professionals through its broad portfolio of education initiatives. And this spring, the Academy...

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A New Partnership Aims to Strengthen US-China STEM Collaborations

March 12, 2024

The New York Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology are teaming up to advance science and innovation on a global scale. Published March 12, 2024 By Nick Fetty Nicholas B. Dirks, President and CEO of The New York Academy of Sciences, shakes hands with Zhiqiang Han, Executive Vice President of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, after signing a memorandum of understanding for a new collaboration between the two...

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The Junior Academy Induction Ceremony

December 21, 2023

Dr. Groome presents during The New York Academy of Sciences' 205th Annual Meeting. At its 205th Annual Member Meeting on November 14, 2023, The New York Academy of Sciences launched a new tradition: the induction of our Junior Academy members into our membership ranks. The Junior Academy has been engaging students since its founding in 1948 when the Academy began hosting the City-wide science and engineering fair. The arrival of this research competition dramatically increased...

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The Junior Academy of The New York Academy of Sciences Honored as a Finalist in the Education, Art, & Culture category for the Third Annual Anthem Awards

December 5, 2023

New York, NY, December 5, 2023 – The New York Academy of Sciences announced today that its highly regarded Junior Academy has been named a Finalist in the Education, Art, & Culture category in the Third Annual Anthem Awards. The Anthem Awards, launched by The Webby Awards in 2021, honors the purpose and mission-driven work of people, companies, and organizations worldwide. “The New York Academy of Sciences is thrilled that our esteemed Junior Academy was...

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STEMM Excellence

November 10, 2023

This collection of papers addresses talent and education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM). Experimental and review papers address important issues on STEMM talent and education including how to ignite and promote interest in STEMM, transform STEMM talent into academic and professional achievement, and translate research on STEMM talent into programs that maintain interest and success in STEMM fields. Many of these articles focus on populations that have been left out of STEMM...

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Collaboration is Key to Solving Global Issues

June 29, 2023

The New York Academy of Sciences works in partnership with New York City high schools to promote interest in STEM subjects among students. Many high school students from New York have taken part in Junior Academy challenges, which enable them to team up with peers from various countries around the world to devise innovative solutions to real-life issues. Published June 29, 2023 We interviewed Angela, and a group of students from around NYC, who recently...

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Math Anxiety: Experimental and Developmental Perspectives

March 29, 2023

This collection of papers brings together experimental and developmental perspectives on how mathematics anxiety impacts mathematics performance: studies within experimental psychology; studies on neural substrates of mathematics anxiety and its links to mathematics performance, and studies of interventions targeting emotional, behavioural, and cognitive aspects of mathematics anxiety. Importantly, intervention studies, apart from obvious practical benefits, shed unique light on causal mechanisms. The virtual issue is edited by Flavia H. Santos, Ann Dowker, Krzysztof Cipora, and...

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From The Lab To The Classroom

February 17, 2023

Inspired by her father's appreciation for education and giving back, Chuhyon Corwin became a high school science teacher. Published February 17, 2023 Neuroscience researcher and EnCorps Fellow, Chuhyon Corwin, traded her research lab for the classroom in a New York City public high school where she works as a science teacher. Thanks to a partnership between The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and the EnCorps STEM Teachers Program, Korean-born Corwin, an accomplished scientist, was...

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How the Brain Gives Rise to the Mind

October 21, 2021

This Year’s Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists Laureate in the Life Sciences is connecting the activity of cells and synapses to emotions and social behavior By Roger Torda Neuroscientist Kay Tye has challenged orthodoxy in her field by studying the connection between the brain and the mind. The work has led to breakthroughs in basic science. It also points to new approaches to mental illness, with significant potential impact. Tye is a professor in...

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Exploring the Exciting, Unchartered World of Nanomaterials

June 4, 2021

Imagine if we could detect health problems before they become life-threatening. Published June 04, 2021 By Benjamin Schroeder, PhD Imagine if we could charge our cell phones by plugging them into our backpack, or if we could build a biocompatible probe that could interface with our cells and detect health problems before they become life-threatening. Working at nanoscale, scientists are now capable of assembling molecules and atoms into structures that have exactly the desired properties...

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April 10, 2024  · 
Role of executive functions in the relations of state‐ and trait‐math anxiety with math performance
Contributors: Santiago Pelegrina| M. Eva Martín‐Puga| M. Teresa Lechuga| M. José Justicia‐Galiano| Rocío Linares|
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March 23, 2024  · 
Barriers to implementing good nutrition in pregnancy and early childhood: Creating equitable national solutions
Contributors: Monique Rainford| Linda A. Barbour| Darlena Birch| Patrick Catalano| Ella Daniels| Caron Gremont| Nicole E. Marshall| Kurt Wharton| Kent Thornburg|
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March 21, 2024  · 
Generative AI and generative education
Contributors: Thomas Krendl Gilbert|
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February 09, 2024  · 
Attracting and developing STEMM talent toward excellence and innovation
Contributors: Heidrun Stoeger| Linlin Luo| Albert Ziegler|
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January 13, 2024  · 
Beta thalassemia: Looking to the future, addressing unmet needs and challenges
Contributors: Michael Angastiniotis|
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January 09, 2024  · 
Improving the education and wellbeing of student parents
Contributors: Lauren A. Tighe| Teresa Eckrich Sommer| Terri J. Sabol| P. Lindsay Chase‐Lansdale|
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September 29, 2023  · 
Effect of an action‐research nutrition intervention on the Global Diet Quality Score of Colombian adolescents
Contributors: Sandra L. Restrepo‐Mesa| Nathalia Correa Guzmán| Víctor Calvo| María Cristina Giraldo Quijano| Carolina Hernández Álvarez| Gilles Bergeron|
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September 18, 2023  · 
Food and nutrient intake of adolescent women in Medellín, Colombia
Contributors: Sandra L. Restrepo‐Mesa| Nathalia Correa Guzmán| Luz M. Manjarrés Correa| Luz Duque Franco| Gilles Bergeron|
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July 21, 2023  · 
Rethinking education, rethinking society
Contributors: Philip Kitcher|
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July 19, 2023  · 
The role of insider knowledge in the trajectories of highly accomplished scientists
Contributors: Rena F. Subotnik| Paula Olszewski‐Kubilius| Frank C. Worrell|
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